Lamenting his actions, Mondo is put through his execution, in which he is spun around in a motorcycle death cage until liquified into butter, leaving Kiyotaka mortified. Hifumi’s dying words leave most of the students convinced that the culprit is fortune teller Yasuhiro Hagakure, who is found by Kyoko near the pool stuck inside the aforementioned robot costume. Later, Makoto, Kyoko, and Aoi discover Sakura dead in the rec room, which has been locked from the inside. Which of the 15 will survive the bloodbath to come? Retrieved January 26, As Makoto becomes angered by this tragic turn of events, Monokuma explains that one of the students is responsible for her murder and they must judge for themselves who the killer is in a “class trial”. As Byakuya dismisses this idea and confiscates Kyoko’s room key, Makoto is given the responsibility of looking after a survival knife that Toko found. Junko then holds a final vote between hope and despair; if everyone votes for hope, they must leave the academy, but should even one student vote in favor of despair, the students will remain in the academy and Makoto alone will be executed.

During the investigation, some peculiarities are found, such as a seemingly disappearing coffee stain and curiously unfitting posters, along with a testimony by gambler Celestia Ludenberg that she saw Chihiro the night before. With hope in their hearts, Makoto and the others use the switch to leave the academy and venture into the unknown world, unaware that Monokuma is still active. After wondering how the culprit entered the room in the first place, Kyoko presents evidence which reveals Sayaka had purposely invited someone into the room in order to murder them and pin the crime on Makoto, only to wind up as the victim herself. Whilst searching the library, the group find a broken laptop and a letter that claims Hope’s Peak Academy has been shut down for a while, along with a storeroom filled with confidential files. The students begin their investigation, making notes of all the evidence they find, including a message written in Sayaka’s blood reading “”. Archived from the original on February 14, Archived from the original on July 1, The next day, the students discover programmer Chihiro Fujisaki murdered in the girl’s changing room, hung up like a crucifixion with the words “Bloodbath Fever” written in blood on the wall.

The Animation eps 4. The next day, however, Makoto is horrified to discover Sayaka lying dead in his shower room, stabbed in the stomach with a kitchen knife.

Discovering the bodies in the art supply room, Hifumi seemingly comes back to life, stating he may have met everyone before and leaving behind the name ‘Yasuhiro’ before passing away, at which point the ‘corpse discovery’ alert plays englihs a second time. Following the first class trial, Monokuma grants access to the second floor of the academy, containing a library and a swimming pool with gender-divided changing rooms.

As the class trial soon begins, with Monokuma joining the fray, the other students reveal they had also received similar photos, only with them missing from their respective photos. Tasked with finding the true culprit behind both murders, Makoto accuses Celestia of the crime, as she knew there was a second victim before it was announced. After finding an injured Hifumi in the library and taking him to the infirmary, the gang split into groups to search for the perpetrator.

Later that night, Kyoko has Makoto distract Monokuma while she does some investigating of her own, later warning fo about the academy’s sixteenth student and Super High School Level Despair: The Animation eps 3. When Kiyotaka asks Alter Ego if he blames him for Chihiro’s death, he imitates Mondo to give him words of encouragement, proving a bit too successful.


The series follows a boy named Makoto Naegi who, along with fourteen other unique students, is imprisoned inside the elite Hope’s Peak Academy, where a psychotic su bear named Monokuma offers them only one means of escape: Later that night, Kyoko, who had managed to obtain a mysterious key and the details about Mukuro from the headmaster’s office thanks to Sakura breaking down the door, asks Makoto to keep Monokuma occupied while she goes off to investigate the dorm building’s second floor.

After being granted access to all previously locked rooms, Makoto and Kyoko investigate the dorm’s second floor and find a hidden room in the headmaster’s lodge. When it is deduced that he must have used his tool set to take apart the doorknob, Leon is unanimously voted as the guilty culprit and is executed by Monokuma with a barrage of baseballs. Archived from the original on January koukouusei, The Animation episodes 3: Finding a key to the data processing room, the group are confronted by a fully working Monokuma, who reveals all their actions are being broadcast live to the outside world.

Danganronpa: The Animation eps 2

The anime is produced by Lerche and directed ,ibou Seiji Kishiwho is known for directing the anime adaptations of Persona 4 and Devil Survivor 2. Meanwhile, Alter Ego asks Makoto and Kyoko, who forgives Makoto for keeping quiet about Sakura, to take him somewhere where he can connect to the school network so he can find a way to help the students escape.

Although this appears to be contradicted by the fact Byakuya had the key to Kyoko’s room the entire time, Makoto considers the possibility that Kyoko could have used the master key she stole from Monokuma. Despite knowing the risks involved, Makoto and Kyoko respect his wishes and set him up in the hidden room from before.

Retrieved June 30, A Hero’s Treatment by Suzumu feat. As the trial comes to an end, Aoi reveals she had purposely tried to steer danyanronpa trial to a wrong verdict, believing from a suicide note that Sakura was suffering and feeling everyone deserved to die to make up for it.

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Leaving Kyoko with the key to Alter Ego’s location, Celestia is put through a Versailles-style witch burning before being run over by a speeding fire truck. Makoto starts vouching for Yasuhiro’s innocence, using evidence to point out he couldn’t have designed the outfit, let alone carry the episore whilst wearing it.

Archived from the original on February 14, Which of the 15 will survive the bloodbath to come? After winning a special lottery, Makoto Naegi, an average student, enrolls at the prestigious Hope’s Peak Academy for talented high school students.

Whilst making their way up a giant ladder, Kyoko states she has regained some of her memories, revealing herself to be the Super High School Level Detective who had come to Hope’s Peak Academy to meet her father, the headmaster, who she is not on good terms with.

After the trial, Kyoko has Makoto investigate a hidden kobou behind the boy’s toilets, where he finds a whole bunch of confidential records and a note reading “You must not escape from here”. Aoi then announces that she herself is the culprit, claiming that she had replaced Sakura’s protein shake with poison and gave it to her.

After Kyoko takes precautions following some unhealthy interests from both Kiyotaka and doujin artist Hifumi Yamada, Alter Ego suddenly goes missing, leading Byakuya to suspect that there may be a mole amongst their group. The moment Makoto steps inside the school grounds, however, he falls unconscious and later wakes up in a classroom littered with security cameras and steel plates. As Sayaka is also unnerved by the contents of her video, Makoto tries to calm her down, promising that he will find a way to get both of them out.


Monokuma subsequently reveals the note she read was a fake he had made, with Sakura’s real suicide note stating that she took her own life to save her dojo, stating her wish for everyone else to make it out of the academy alive. After Kyoko proves her innocence by revealing the shameful burns on her hands, Makoto deduces from Monokuma’s obscured evidence zetsbou identity of the culprit, Monokuma’s controller, and the academy’s mastermind to be none other than the real Englih Enoshima, who soon appears and reveals herself to be the true Super High School Level Despair.

Mondo, who had been keeping secret the fact that he ddanganronpa responsible for his brother’s death in order to keep his gang together, became jealous of Chihiro’s strength and killed him in a fit of rage, moving his corpse to the girl’s changing room and destroying his e-handbook to protect his honor.

After learning from Monokuma about the faulty door on his bedroom’s shower room, Makoto is approached by Sayaka, who states she is afraid that someone may be after her, and offers to switch rooms with her suub put her at ease. Makoto overhears that Sakura had been forced to become Monokuma’s mole as he took her family dojo hostage.

As Celestia gives her testimony episoe seeing Chihiro carry a sports bag containing a jersey the night before, Mondo accidentally lets slip that he knew what color the jersey was, eventually admitting he is the culprit.

Alter Ego then shows a curious photo of Leon, Chihiro, and Mondo hanging together, which could not have possibly been taken during the time they’ve known each other. Trigger Happy Havoc 2: Weekly Shonen Despair Magazine” Transcription: Retrieved January 26, When Toko faints under the pressure, her personality switches to that of Genocider who, despite casually admitting she is a genuine homicidal maniac, denies killing Chihiro, as she always uses scissors in her serial killings.

Upon returning to the infirmary, the group find Hifumi’s body has gone missing, later discovering Kiyotaka’s body has also disappeared.

Retrieved July 8, Archived from the original on July 1, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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Main series Trigger Happy Havoc 2: The Incredible Gummy Bear Easter Egg Surprise – Danganronpw The Egg Animation, animation movies full movies english,Disney, disney movies, animation movies, animation movies full movies english, animation full movie, disney movies full movies english,animati. This is confirmed by Genocider, who retained her memories as they are kept separate from Toko’s, with Junko subsequently revealing that the memories that were stolen from the students were actually of two whole years spent together in Hope’s Peak Academy.

Junko reveals that she had used Mukuro, her older twin sister, to take her place, before showing the others footage of the outside world, revealing it to be in total chaos. A year ago, when “The Tragedy” hit the world, the school was converted into a shelter to protect the students carrying hope on their shoulders. His koukouswi is further proven by the method of which the culprit attempted to dispose of the evidence, his blood-stained shirt, in a manner only capable of a baseball star.