Having the correct JIS screwdrivers also made a big difference, and the whittled end of a bamboo bbq skewer worked well for holding the spring aside. I have a similar problem with a Nikon FE. I may be able to fix it myself, done internal repairs before on such things. FM2n – help with film advance lever Discussion in ‘ Nikon ‘ started by andylynn , Feb 21, Intermediate settings of lens aperture are usable, but NOT intermediate shutter speed. The lens aperture ring clicks at the position of the numbers engraved although intermediate lens apertures are usable continuously. I have an FM2n that I got on eBay that’s in mint condition – except that the film advance lever will advance the film whether or not the shutter has been fired. Lastly thanks for above ideas and enjoy shooting.

Been on the tail of an acrobatic Waco biplane, in an underwater housing at the beach Standard production Nikon FM Series models: The lever is easily accessible with the bottom plate removed. Do not apply excessive pressure in winding the lever. Thanks in advance no pun intended. Setting the aperture The lens aperture determines the amount of light reaching the film plane. Recommended links to understand more technical details related to the Nikkor F-mount and production Serial Number:

Under the bottom plate near the motordrive coupling is a small spring activated L-shaped hook that prevents a double wind film advance without shutter release.

FM2n – help with film advance lever

Share This Page Tweet. Had similar problem with my FE2. Generally, aperture affects another important element in photography, i. Vilm meter reads the light over the entire focusing screen but has a distinct bias on the central 12mm-diameter area.

Lens aperture greatly affects depth of field. By stopping your lens down e. What has happened to your FM2n is that someone has forced the film advance and slightly bent the L-shaped lever. It is the one held in position by a very small spring and it appears to not be in the correct position.


Since you can always confirm the shutter speed number inside the viewfinder, you don’t have to see the shutter speed dial as you turn it. Depends very much on the effect of what you envisage in a photograph to be.

It is a very stiff piece, so needs to be reformed slowly and carefully to get a “sharp L”.

To advance the film, wind the lever to the right all the way until it stops. I opened mine up to see what I could find. The “nudge” you are seeing in the shutter is normal in this situation.

IF light level falls too slow for a comfortable hold, use a tripod or anything that can help to stabilize the camera. That didn’t work either. I have to do that every time I want to advance the film. A mirror lockup required for this old Fisheye-Nikkor 8mm f8. Even if there’s no film in the camera, the frame counter is operative, advancing by a single frame every time the film advance lever is fully wound.

The lever is easily accessible with the bottom plate removed. Remove the film cartridge.

The FM2 enables the shutter speed displays inside the finder. Avoid unloading film in direct sunlight. I have an old Nikon FM2. Message Board for your Nikkor optics ” shared ” because I do wish some of you to expose to other’s perspective as well. Unlike auto-exposure SLR that has a few other handy features like exposure compensation button or dial to fine tune exposure reading; many seasoned photographers often used the film speed settings on a mechanical SLR camera to act as a exposure compensation device to override exposure measurement by camera.

Bent lever on the left, straightened lever after repair on the right Has anybody tried to remove the “shutter block” the thing that blocks the shutter? My son borrowed the camera from me then loaned it to a friend who then let her little nephews “play” with it. The mechanism is similar to Douglas’ one – wiggle the coin in the slot of the connection while gently trying to advance the lever, and there are a little bit more tricks to do.


After taking off the bottom, I tried the fix outlined above but it didn’t work. Until you have fully mastered its operation, you may want to bookmark this section for future reference or to check for future uploads. I had the same problem just keep twisting the thing on the bottom.

If this is the same issue that I had, you will notice that it will wind properly and you will be able to click the shutter. I happen to have a JIS screwdriver set coming to me in the mail next week so I’ll wait.

Stuck in FM2 shutter release button and advance lever

Slight pressure on gm2 shutter release button will then switch on both the exposure meter and the LED exposure information display inside the viewfinder. Look through the viewfinder, and depress the shutter release llever. I tried to move it with the tip of a screwdriver when it had a small amount of pressure on it and when I was able to move it the winder worked. At the beginning I feel something catch a bit then give easily.

I have followed some of the suggestions and did a little bit more and the problem is now solved. This may cause the split-image rangefinder darken at one half and making focusing extremely uncomfortable to use.

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Johnny Martyr 9 years ago. Colo-Shiftah 9 years ago. Even if the exposure indicator lamp is lit, it will automatically be switched off in approx.