Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Raavi is shocked and she drops the whole paint box and blue paint is on the floor. He asks how much is the bill, that man tells him, Rs Menu Home About Archive Search. Sweety tells, is he mad? He goes out for a while and then goes to the waiter and asks him not to serve the muffins.

Pinch Papaji, this time i do NOT support him. Pinky raises her voice and tells, in everything its me, i m always the reason, my daughter back-answers me and He turns and see’s a boy there the new entry Rocky asks the waiter whether he can pay cash and give the watch. U better change ur ways or it’ll be too late. Papaji tells, u feel that we are not ready to listen to u and not listen to ur POV thats y ur angry, right? Pinky dumb as usual, calling her di always. He tells the rest, lets leave.

Now we have to do something regarding Nitin.

Pinky shocked epislde Episode Ends Precap: Papaji tells, but i m just asking why are u doing this and New city. He is shocked and He goes from there and that other boy asks for an Iced Coffee.

Parvarish Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 10th September 2012 Pt1

Now he will have to move parvarieh from here. Pinky dumb as usual, calling her di always. He feels by running the problem will be solved? The boy tells, this is Aarav. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Do you know that because of u, Jeet is taking a transfer?


Doesn’t he know the same thing that has happened here can happen here and anywhere? Stern Smile CV’s are trying to make her negative or what? Sweety tells, is he mad? That owner of the house comes and tells Anita that there is so much noise in the house because of music and this is the last warning, if any more complaints then u will have to leave from here.

Raashi tells, she is going to paint something. Papaji comes home and because of him Raavi is allowed to go for dance class. He tells, Raavi is septsmber away from us. Dead What Sweety did is wrong.

Parvarish: Kuch Khatti Kuch Meethi 20th September Written Update – Meelak

Pinky is shocked and Jeet leaves the house. Sweety thinks for a while and tells Pinky, Nitin stays on rent right? Later, Lucky comes to Rocky and asks him to help him out. They’re pleased to meet each other. He is so damn septfmber. Later in the morning, Sweety warns Lucky not to give money to Rocky for coffee at all.


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Menu twitter facebook google rss linkedin dribbble pinterest. Sweety has an evil smile.

Papaji comes to meet and asks him the reason for the transfer. He has shut his thinking window. They apologize to him. Pinky tells her to stop it. Rocky’s friends demand different kinds seotember coffee’s and Rocky is damn worried.

Rocky helps him with his mobile problem and asks for money for the same. Raavi says, yes, i m going to paint that car. He tells to give Rs.

Sweety is with Pinky at Pinky’s place and she tells her that now soon they will be leaving the house. U better change ur ways or it’ll be too late. Pinky nods her head.