Defect induced modification of structural, topographical and magnetic properties of zinc ferrite thin films by swift heavy ion irradiation. Pure nickel oxide NiO is rather resistant to the attack by oxalic acid solutions, and ferrous ions do not accelerate dissolution. These studies identify a novel role for haly-1 and histidine in zinc metabolism and may be relevant for other animals. This fact is attributed to the special passivity of the mixed oxides as nickel ferrites. Diffuse Reflectance Spectroscopy DRS is done to understand the nickel substitution effect on the optical properties of cobalt ferrite nano particles. Display Omitted Research highlights: Twenty-three full-size penetrators were coated to demonstrate the feasibility of the system and to provide parts for ballistic tests.

Zinc-nickel alloy electrodeposits for water electrolysis. Methods For investigation of the inhibition effect of surfactant on NiFe2O4 particles growth, the samples were prepared in presence of Glycerol and Sodium dodecyl sulfate. The air samples were analyzed for nickel , zinc , and lead. Sorbent performance was judged on the basis of physical properties, single particle kinetic studies based on thermogravimetric TGA techniques, and multicycle bench-scale testing of sorbents. Phase identification, lattice parameter and crystallite size studies are carried out using by X-ray diffraction XRD. Based on TGA studies and bench-scale tests, induration conditions were found to be very significant. Based on data obtained in this study, we can conclude that careful selection of native microbiota could lead to the identification of bacteria with increased bioaccumulation abilities. Electroplating sludge derived zinc-ferrite catalyst for the efficient photo-Fenton degradation of dye.

Analysis of the XRD patterns by Rietveld refinement allowed determination of the cation inversion degree for both obtained single phase ZnFe 2 O 4 samples. Fluoride in nickel plating bath serves as an activator of nickel anodic dissolution and corrosion inhibitor of magnesium alloy substrate. X-ray absorption spectroscopy XAS shows that the structure of the intrinsic zinc site of HypA is dynamic and able to sense both nickel loading and pH changes. A biosensor system using nickel ferrite nanoparticles.

The presence of the crystalline phase in each sample was confirmed by X-ray diffraction XRD analysis. Bioremediation by microorganisms is one of technologies extensively used for pollution treatment.

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Nickel ferrite nanoparticles NPs have received much attention for their potential applications in biomedical fields such as magnetic resonance imaging, drug delivery and cancer hyperthermia.


And it also has been proposed tayyabw a novel anodic material in Zinc-Nickel secondary batteries. The lineal correlation coefficient is greater than 0. Single-phase polycrystalline mixed nickel-zinc ferrites belonging to Ni0. Design guideline of the 15Cr steel is discussed with respect to a role of microstructure and combination of nickel and cobalt addition. In particular oxalic acid is included in second path of AP-Citrox method. In the present communication, nanorods of zinc ferrite was synthesized and fabricated by employing sol—gel spin coating process.

India ; Pawar, S. Zinc did not, however, prevent the reduction in weight gain over 2 weeks seen with nickel treatment. The studies revealed that the sol—gel auto combustion method was superior to the co-precipitation method vilm producing single phase nano particles with smaller crystallite size.

The Status Project.

Structural Materials Centre; Robinson, M. Microscope investigation cytogenetic tests has resulted in the evaluation of mitotic index and chromosomal aberration index that appeared diminished and respectively increased following the addition of magnetic nanoparticles in the culture medium of the young seedlings. These additives, known as crystal habit modifiers CHMscould potentially be used to control the crystal habits, or shapes, that comprise primary deposits and crud.

Diffuse reflectance study on powder samples suggests two band gap values for nickel rich compounds. It can also be of being regenerated for a continuous use. The crystallite size increases while the second phase decrease with increasing the urea ratio.

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To study ferroelectric and magnetic properties of the composite samples, corresponding P—E and M—H hysteresis loops were recorded. Effects of synthesis conditions i.

The former is observable at the low tayyaga region; meanwhile, the second one is responsible of the lack of saturation at high field region. The maturation of both enzymes depends on the metallochaperone, HypA.

HypA contains two metal sites, an intrinsic zinc site and a low-affinity nickel binding site. This tagyaba resistance was due to the barrier effect caused by the nickel which is present at the interface and transformed the hydrogen atomic to Ni 2 H compound, as shown by GIXRD.


However, zinc is also added as an approach to mitigate the occurrence or severity of primary water stress corrosion cracking of nickel alloy Addition of dopant resulted taytaba decrease in lattice parameter.

Based on data obtained in this study, we can conclude that careful selection of native microbiota could lead to the identification of bacteria with increased bioaccumulation abilities. In a two-electrode symmetric system, the energy density of the NGNP electrode is Parameters such as electric field, bath composition, and deposition time are tuned to produce films ranging in thickness from to nm. Durability may be defined as the ability of the sorbent to maintain important physical characteristics such as size, strength, and specific surface area during 10 cycles of sulfidation and oxidation.

Impedance studies in the alcohol concentration range varying from to ppm show definite variations in response to both the nature of the alcohol and its concentration. The primary variables which were investigated during the program included iron oxide type, zinc oxide: C respectively for 2 h.

From low-temperature and in-field Mossbauer Cytotoxicity induced by nickel ferrite was efficiently prevented by N-acetyl cysteine ROS scavenger treatment, which suggested that oxidative stress might be one of the possible mechanisms of nickel ferrite NP toxicity.

This is the first annual report describing progress in the month cooperative program between Argonne National Laboratory and Gould Inc. Magnetization curves revealed a small hysteresis, supporting the Moessbauer results. Nano- nickel ferrites defected by vanadium doping NiV x Fe The marocaim leaching reaction of sintered kaolinite-based products was the dissolution of cristobalite rather than NiAl2O4.

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On superplasticity of corrosion resistant ferritic -austenitic chromium- nickel steels. Studies on influence of zinc immersion and fluoride on nickel electroplating on magnesium alloy AZ91D.

Comparison between maghemite, copper, folmnickel and cobalt ferrite nanoparticles of similar sizes. The influence of surface topography in these thin films can also be studied.