Meanwhile, the former CM begins his plans to oust Suri. Uttej got a good role. But it is not before he has to make few sacrifices and face enemies. Sri Satya Sai Arts. Suri offers to support whichever party that makes him the chief minister. Suryanarayana Jagapati Babu is an unemployed youth in a village but also a man who stands first when it comes to helping others and bashing baddies. Agreed that movies are not supposed to be logical.

Karthik , Sunitha Sarathy. The dialogues failed to capture the audience except twice or thrice. In the process, he realizes that the CM is crooked. Few scenes were uncalled for and it was an unnecessary drag on the length. The results suggest a hung assembly. Technical aspects The narrative has not been that great and even the presentation was just average. The others came and went. Retrieved from ” https:

The idea of entering politics has always been for those who have some political connections or family background.

Send your Queries to support teluguone. In case of a hung verdict, this possibility cannot be ruled out! Shraddha Das is adequate as female lead. Suribabu Jagapathi babu is the village goodie who has a steely determination and a soft heart. Costumes and art department could have been better. The sequence and arrangement of the storyline was not smooth and there were few patches that came in between drifting the audience away from the plot. Otherwise, there is nothing much in it.

Adhineta is a political film that has good value in the basic premise, but gone wrong adhineth to placid execution and too much of simplification. The first half of the film was quite stale and things like rugby in village with a coconut and making Jagapathi Babu stand for almost 20 minutes and deliver a long lecture after being shot in the heart and slit by a sword is something the makers should learn to come out of.


The others came and went. Hamsa looked neat and she has enough oomph in her. Agreed that movies are not supposed to be logical. This page was last edited on 14 Decemberat It is not much of a story. Meanwhile, Suri meets Rajeshwari Shraddha stoyr falls in love with her but as destiny would have it, his life takes a turn when Sri Ramulu is killed by the villains Anand Raj, Supreeth etc including adninetha CM.

Sriramulu is like the godfather for Suri, and before he dies, he takes a word from him that he would enter ,ovie.

He accumulates a group of 25 such independents. Critic’s view The film wanted to show that a common man can also become a Chief Minister but then it lacked the depth or the gravity that could convince the audience.

How all this is resolved forms the rest adhinetya the story. Adhineta – Apt for the present day political scenario.

CM gets Sreeramulu killed in an accident. Neelima granddaughter of V Madhusudhana Rao did a small role. He still needs to work on improvising few basics if he is looking at making movies. The good side is the masses will have something to relish given the glamour songs and also some scenes from Jagapathi Babu. People ignore logics if the narration is gripping.

Adhinetha Review

Showcase your talent to millions!! Suryanarayana Jagapati Babu is an unemployed youth in a village but also a man who stands first when it comes to helping others and bashing baddies. The results suggest a hung assembly.

But here is one man who rises from the people and this common man becomes the Chief Minister and tries to do his bit to bring a change in the society.

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Sri Ramulu is more like the godfather for Suri and before he dies, he takes a word from Suri that he would enter politics. Adhinetga Vidheya Rama Movie Review. Director’s portrayal The director attempted to come up with a political thriller and his focus was to create an awareness among the audience.


Write about topics that interest you – anything from movies to cricket, gadgets to startups. Other wise, all these illogical scenes appear too adhinefha to ignore.

Adhinetha () Telugu Movie Review, Rating – Jagapathi Babu

He accumulates a group of 25 such independents. But then he should have focused on stpry the script under tight grip and also cut short the length.

Mr Majnu Movie Review.

The rest of the story is all about how Stiry brings change with the power bestowed on him. But the film definitely belongs to Jagapathi Babu. Verdict Nothing interesting, just novie and very lengthy. If you are keenly following political happenings in the state, this movie is an easy one time watch.

Films directed by V. His histrionics in temple song are good. Jagapati Babu is pretty good in the role of Suri. His nomination of candidates for his Mana Desam party wherein he selects commoners and educated youth drew instant claps in the movie hall.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It is about how a common man becomes a neta and then with the help of praja balam becomes an Adhinetha leader of leaders and weeds out corrupt politicians adhineth political practices in the state.