The unique Soamyaga performed in Shivapuri. The place was chosen by Lord Krishna for discarding the bonds of his body. The ashram was now only meters away when a mongoose like animal was seen going inside it. The sage’s imposing, appearance coupled with the majestic authoritative voice was so effective that even a hot-headed person like Shabade could utter nothing and neither could he dare to inquire anything. Guru is a guide and bestower of the knowledge. One has to fight the battle of Tapa with endurance, strong will power and strenuous efforts. Now another sorcerer was summoned. The practice of Tapa should be continued with courage.

Yet He opted for this discipline for life. Shree promoted research and teaching of ancient Vedic language Sanskrit in which the fathomless treasures of humanity are preserved. Shree’s magnetic bearing, spirits, observance of the daily hectic routine, denoted only perfect health. As if when the science of Yajnya was being revived by Shree, the entire city of Goa was in jovial state. And it so happened that the visit of Prime Minister of India Shri Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru to Goa coincided with the same day on which Shree was reestablishing the lost tradition of Agnihotra. The hilly people use it for all transport and agricultural activities as also use its milk. Literally thousands of families are performing it since many years, some for more then two decades! How much food does our body require to live?

The scriptures depict mouse as the vehicle of Lord Ganesh. Once He had to pay a bill of the local grocer for some material supplied by him to the Math. Is the body ‘ me ‘ or is my mind ‘ me ‘ or is there an additional entity in the body governing my thinking pattern and impeding me towards indulgence in action?

He used to wrap the food received in alms in a cotton cloth and would first dip it in the flowing canal of Pravara river episore wipe out the vibrational effects and the taste of cooking This rendered the food satvik.


Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

If denied these perks, the body and mind will revolt against the condition and make you unhappy, sad and miserable. It pervaded the whole planet. If that happens, He thought, it will certainly put Him in a very embarrassing situation.

In this enclosure to the original document Shree ordered to incorporate a few more details. The appearance of this person was so agnihotta amazing that we could not remove agnihitra eyes from him.

At this moment Bapu Joshi a priest of the math, was going towards the kitchen to fetch something for the on going evening prayers. Sonamata initiates the chanting of “Hare: The religion was presented precisely in the same form as Vedas prescribed it.

Vedmurthy Shri Vishwanath Shastri Shrouti, the most learned and knowledgeable Vedic priest performed the appropriate rites as propounded by the Vedas for cremation of Yogis after they had discarded the body. I have been waiting for your arrival!

They feel that to practice Tapa you must go to a forest, wear loin cloth or tree bark, live in a hut, grow a beard, have a sad look on your face etc. This carving puts a lot of negative pressure on his mind and body. Regular practice of Agnihotra activates a healing cycle, making plants, animals happy and peaceful in it. It is interesting to note that in the revelation the words used by the Divine were “Son of Man”.

Surprised, He checked the stove for any smoldering remains of fire from the previous night but found none. It is now known as Gurumandir. Early morning at 3 a.

The locations like the ashram of sage Vyasa are on the physical plane but nevertheless they are somehow hidden from the eyes of normal human beings.

In the morning a disease is diagnosed, medicine taken for its cure and by evening there used to crop-up a new one.

Param Sadguru Shree Gajanan Maharaj

To be precise He was born during the transition of 16th and 17th May, i. Now where should I step and put my foot? It was this particular moment that was to set the course of future history. Going to all the four directions is like completing a circle around the earth. Untilwhen he first came to Akkalkot, he was working as a General Manager in a cardboard factory in Bhopal.


There is also the clay, sand and stones brought by Sudhakar Mr. Shabade put them in a carry-bag and accompanied Shree to the railway station. It is well known that similar incidence occurred in the life of Holy prophet Moses.

It then ceases to be bondage. This time He became very alert because He realized that the mantra was being chanted very close to His ears but without touching them. The message of Shree delivers the planet from all types of ‘Kalka’.

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Those thoughts were looming in our mind when the hermitage, situated about meters away, came into our sight. Arrange cowdung chips in the pyramid kindle fire. Parama Sadguru has stated that Self Realization, Liberation, comes only through total surrender to the Almighty. He ordained agnnihotra essential religious disciplines in minimal measure by practice of which separated and egoistic minds became healthy and came close to each other.

The father was a great Nada Brahma Yogi. One who does not perform Yajnya is selfish “. The agnihotea vacated one berth completely to offer it to Him.

After pouring the water make sure that it is thoroughly mixed with the earth so that it becomes one with that clay.