Sometime after Junichi gets into college and gets his own apartment, Ai wakes him up as the both of them watch the fireworks, with Ai wishing to see the fireworks together with Junichi for years to come. Junichi arrives with his art project of him and Kaoru at the beach thanks to Kaoru’s help. As she goes out shopping, she reunites with Manaka and Ruriko who are selling cooked eels as part of their university project. Tsukasa wins the election by a landslide while Miya and Ai celebrate Sae getting second place and overcoming her shyness at a Karaoke bar. As they are feeling more awkward with the situation, Junichi’s teacher, Miss Takahashi emerges from a spa and massage parlor located in the same area as the love hotels. On the night when he was stood up, a heartbroken Junichi is about to go home when he meets his friend Kaoru. Thinking her diet is working, Rihoko continues with it.

Despite what happened, Haruka is still interested with him which lifts his spirits up. Junichi figures it out and holds her hand as they wait for the bus. Thinking she wants to confess to him, he instead finds Kaoru with her friend Keiko, both asking advice about Keiko’s crush which Junichi suggests writing a letter to him. The next day, Kaoru tells Junichi that Tsukasa passed out from overworking so he visits her at her home to give her some bananas and energy drinks. On Christmas Eve, Junichi and Haruka decides to relax in the hotel swimming pool before meeting her family but when her family cannot make it, she invites him to her hotel room. Their conversation turns to their own relationship, which has not changed much. In the epilogue eight years later, Junichi is filming his wife, a pregnant Sae, and their daughter at a live Inago Mask show.

After talking to Tsukasa, who gives him anilimkz advice as she went through similar troubles last year, he decides to show Sae his film of the work she did in the Founder’s Festival.

At the end of the festival, Ai takes Junichi to a hill with a hot spring owned by her grandfather. Rihoko tries her best ice skating with Junichi, unaware that it’s a part of Kanae’s plan to get them together.

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In the epilogue, Junichi rests on Ai’s lap while watching the sunset at the beach. Having worked late anilinks festival duties, Junichi and Tsukasa make their way home when they happen upon a melon bread van.

Manaka and Ruriko convince Junichi to help the Tea Club during the Festival and hopes he joins their club as well. On the day the candidates give their speeches, Junichi and Tsukasa’s supporters give Tsukasa a sash with their signatures and supporting words for her. Noriko is just prideful and manipulative like Tsukasa and to spite her, Noriko also chooses Junichi as her vice-president as well.

As Junichi walks around in town wondering what to do, he has an epiphany after seeing a wedding dress on display. Junichi offers to buy some, but Tsukasa declines, only to buy a whole bag herself, which Junichi notes she got through her nice girl facade. Haruka rejects him but she admires his honesty. Makabe, who earlier vowed to his friends to get a girlfriend before summer ends and finding Rihoko sexy, confesses to her and ask her to be his girlfriend. Arriving at the inn, both of them realize the inn looks haunted and with only both of them the only customers, Kaoru is scared of being alone that she asks Junichi to accompany her even at the baths.


As they watch the snow fall, Kaoru confesses her love to Junichi, admitting she wants them to be closer.

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Later that night, Junichi helps a sleepwalking Miya to the bathroom and meets Rihoko at the guest room. Unknown to him, Risa’s unwillingness to come is because at the time when he was getting close with Haruka, Kaoru, Sae, Ai, Rihoko and Tsukasa, she was stalking him and prevented the girls from dpisode in love with him by showing them a doctored photo that Junichi already has a girlfriend. Junichi later accompanies Sae to the amusement park to have fun with the rides there, including having her photo taken with her favorite TV superheroes.

After a rather embarrassing training session, the Tachibana siblings walk Sae home with Junichi giving her a piggyback ride. Tricking Junichi into meeting her, Noriko confesses to him and attempts to kiss him just as Tsukasa arrives to see this. It’s been ss month since the Founder’s Festival and Junichi and Tsukasa became a couple. Noticing the growing attraction between Junichi and Kaoru, Masayoshi and Keiko decide to set the two up together by making them meet at the infirmary.

Both of them argue again with Kaoru blaming Junichi for being amwgami and him blaming her for on always buying limited-edition snacks, which both of them refuse to talk with each other to the bus stop. Now knowing his feelings for her, he wants to be with her together which Rihoko feels the same way, where both of them finally kiss. Kaoru also begins to realize that even though they’ve been dating for almost half a year, their relationship hasn’t drastically changed from before they were dating.

Kaoru and Keiko talk about Kaoru and Junichi’s relationship and how they looked too much like a couple during moments like that. When Junichi is about to tell Ai his advice during lunch, he unintentionally offends her when he and Miya talks about Sae’s breasts.

Later, Junichi pulls Ai into his bed, resulting in Ai catching his cold. Skipping the rest of the day’s classes, he frantically searches for her at the places where they hang out, until he overhears Hibiki and Haruka, and looks for Kaoru at her part-time job. While entering the haunted maze, Junichi starts hallucinating bizarre things around them until he snaps out of it after biting Ai’s finger. She gives him his Christmas present as thanks and request Junichi to give him her present; a kiss.


On the night at the inn where Junichi and Kaoru are staying, Junichi wakes up to go to the bathroom and catches Kaoru sleeping in an inappropriate position which exposes her cleavage. As Sae stays over for the night with the Tachibanas, Junichi compliments Sae on wearing his sister’s pajamas and wishes he had a sister like her.

One day before the campaign posters of the Student Council President elections were posted, Junichi makes a photo session of Tsukasa posing in various costumesmuch to her chagrin.

Retrieved from ” https: Junichi and Ai run off as they misunderstood Miss Takahashi was only in the spa and massage parlor. Static scenes of the girls presenting chocolates to Junichi: As they reminisces their past playing fireworks when they were children, both of them finally confess their feelings to each other.

During Valentine’s Day, Rihoko gives Junichi a box of chocolate cream puffs. With the festival over and the school cleaning up, the Tea Club invites Junichi for tea as thanks for helping them where the latter gets interested and learns how to make tea from them. Junichi and Ai reach the park where it begins to snow as soon as they arrive.

It’s been two years since the Christmas Eve incident and with the second semester starting, Junichi sees the new transfer student, Sae. Views Read Edit View history. Much to their annoyance, they learn the bus stop is no longer in use and heads to a nearby beach town. While asking her out, both of them realize that they have met before on Christmas Eve last year and cheered each other over their respective problems.

Later that afternoon, Junichi trains Sae to change her clothes in a corner within a short amount time, getting mistaken for a pervert by Miya when Sae, wearing a swimsuit, accidentally falls on him in a compromising position, in the process.

Tsukasa drags Junichi to the local shrine and learns he never really read her notebook. The next day, Kaoru does not come to school, worrying Junichi.

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As they pray and check their fortunes, Rihoko writes down on an ema Junichi gave her earlier and wishes for a successful diet, new members joining the Tea club, and, as a quick addition, tell her feelings to Junichi someday. The both of them rush to the hotel stop it only to find out Miya misunderstood Sae as the meeting was actually for her dog epissode her cousin’s dog. Retrieved September 4,