Meanwhile, the battle between Ichigo and Captain Kuchiki Byakuya of the 6th division continues. Meanwhile, as Rukia and Ashido head toward Ichigo, their way is blocked by the leader of the Adjuchas, appointed by Aizen himself as a guardian of the Forest. He is underground trapped in the hole with 72 hours left until his life chain will come to its end. Meanwhile Keigo makes a deal with Ikkaku; After Ikkaku saves him from the Arrancar Keigo will provide him with a place to stay. They also learn they have less then a day left. Meanwhile, Yumichika and his opponent, Charlotte Cuulhorne, the sadistic, erotic, strange, feminine arrancar, continue their fight, but eventually it turns out to be more of a “beauty contest” than an actual fight, because of the fact that the two spar for the sake of making the other look disgraced because of the other’s ugliness. Finally Orihime’s brother gains control long enough to say one last goodbye to his sister before Ichigo sends his soul off to the Soul Society.

June 4, [5]. He takes the Hougyoku and plans on using it to become King himself. After Kouga’s defeat, Muramasa becomes unstable, as he had absorbed hollows in order to sustain himself without a master. It is then up to Hinamori and Matsumoto to help them out. Each is introduced to the other and the battle for Karakura begins. Ichigo is not willing to give in either and they clash as the battle finally ends. While Urahara reveals he has been testing hollowification in the Soul Society, Aizen flees. As Nanao tells Yamamoto about more about Jokaisho and Ran’tao.

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As they run off a mysterious stranger appearances hollowficaation Ichigo. It is revealed to be that this woman is Rukia’s Zapakuto, Sode no Shirayuki. Elsewhere, Kenpachi has difficulty cutting through Nnoitra’s hierro, but believes that Nnoitra can be injured. Kon starts ranting how he wants out of his plushie form, and the badge goes off so Kon gets Ichigo’s body.


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Urahara confronts Aizen about his hollowfication research but ultimately Tsukabishi is unable to capture him. This invokes a flashback showing how Blecah Fong and Yoruichi first met and became close friends. As Jin goes to Kusajishi 79th district to look for some people to over take the Soul Society.

For the best answers, search on this site https: Kira finishes his fight against Kifune and gains the Bakkuto as proof. One of them is an imposter and they must find out who it is before noon or everyone in their school will disappear. However, he did become acquainted with them and learned how to handle his Hollow powers. Ikkaku thinks back to the day, when he first met Zaraki Kenpachi and lost a sword battle with him. They then blast off towards the barrier and prepare for impact.

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When they got inside the fortress, they met one of the many arrancar from Hueco Mundo. She has 12 hours to get ready and she hollkwfication only say goodbye to one person.

Renji activates his bankai and Ririn, Kuroudo and Noba join the fight. Rukia and Ichigo continue to fight with the female Bounto, Yoshino, unitl a male Bounto, Ryou,shows up and takes her away. As the Soul Reapers recover from the battle with the Espada and Ichigo lies bandaged and asleep in bed, Orihime has to finish preparations hollowficattion leave with Jollowfication.

Szyael manages to render their attack ineffective, and prepares to finish them off.

The conclusion of the fight between Ichigo and Byakuya. The attack seems to be a success at first but Szayel has his own secret technique. The episode ends with Ulquiorra firing a cero and Ichigo slamming his blade against it, fading to white. Meanwhile, Rukia sets out to find her friends with Ashido’s help.


Read on to learn more about them and the other distinctive characters of this series! Realizing it was Orihime he is joined by Hitsugaya who tells him that something urgent has happened. Koga and Ichinose help Jin battle people. Ichigo goes to help the girl but when the girl is just about to be eaten, a female Soul Reaper, Rukia Kuchiki, appears and saves them. The Rescue story arc Episodes He arrives on the scene and starts hollowficatikn fight with the female Baunt. On a fateful day Ichigo encounters him and has roughly half of his reiatsu drained.

Ichigo continues his inner struggle with his inner Hollow. Urahara and Yourichi come to aid, Ichigo and his friends, and they get the upper hand, when Ulquiorra decides to leave, because his mission for Aizen is done.

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Urahara and Hiyori head to the Maggot’s Nest prison, which houses former members of the 13 Protection Squad’s deemed dangerous to Soul Society. September 10, at 9: While out the two are attacked by the hollow from Soul Society.

Meanwhile, Nnoitra is still losing to Neliel, but they hesitate before they can deal each other fatal blows, and Nnoitra notes that episoees has despised Neliel even before her departure.