Well, perhaps they are—like maybe a plot to take over the world Inside Congress min It’s hard to find even one thing bad to say about this episode. There are all kinds of logic problems with the noir-ish script: Not much to comment—it wasn’t bad enough to provoke a response, nor was it good enough to warrant any remarks. The Hercules Crossover episode with Aladdin: A new version has been produced by the Suspense rivial group:

The surprise ending is okay, but could have been better had it been more carefully prepared for i. A scientist conducting experiments in the shrinking of cancer cells unwisely makes himself a test subject, with tragic results. And while he’s at it, why not grab a chance for a little petty larceny? No connection between them at all. Originally produced for Mysterious Traveler , but that episode seems to be lost. Interesting setting but uninspired storytelling. Is the boy who returns home the real Bud Owen or an impostor?

A daydreamer in the park imagines a murder. The bomb is set to go off at three o’clock, unless he can find some way to get help The cartoonishly bad Germans had me rooting for stnopsis by the end of this propaganda piece.

Three versions were produced for Suspensethe first with Pedro de Cordoba now considered lostthe second with Charles Ruggles, and the third with Sam Jaffe. An engrossing mystery that truly keeps you guessing and a strong central performance by Margo as the woman-in-distress proves a recipe for success. All is well until she begins to believe that there is someone stragners hidden in the house and that she seems unable to leave Mummery’s wife, and their new cook. Based on Anthony Gilbert’s novel of the same name, this story was later adapted twice onto film—first as “My Name is Julia” and later as “Dead of Winter”—both of which are significantly different from the radio adaptation but also significantly better—despite the fact that this episode is fairly faithful to the source novel while both the films synpsis most of the story.

Super Science Available for Listening Booth: The extremely competent, independent-minded, coolheaded heroine who solves the murders of two other competent professional women is a refreshing change from the thriller genre’s endless line of nasty femme fatales and tearful damsels in distress. A similarly non-lethal or at least “non-lethal” at first variation is people exploiting their apparent lack of connection to get alibis for crimes like insider trading.


He instead is only interested in murderers who don’t get caught and proceeds to describe ways a person can die and have it appear to be from natural causes. Neither version quite rings the bell. Orson Welles relishes in his purposefully over-the-top and synoopsis performance and all his dialogue stings with irony and humor, but the plot itself is exceedingly melodramatic with all of its love-triangle dramatics, backstabbing, and bickering.

Once again, a great premise devised by Carr—a strangerx room vanishes—sadly doesn’t live up to expectations.

The script is admittedly clever—mustering a compelling story and suspenseful situations with just a single character is no easy task—but it suffers from a main character that’s more irritating than sympathetic, thus her plight is not as gripping as it should be. Cyberbullying min Nevertheless, the story itself is so well thought-out that it can’t help but remain gripping with its truly fascinating premise that actually pays off in the end.

He is then hired to help out at the murderer’s vaudeville act. Two versions were produced for Suspensethe first—which is considered lost—starred Ralph Bellamy and the second starred Gene Kelly []. Fortunately, this tale of espionage is an exception. Detective Conan has a filler episode in which this is used as the plot. Another version of this story was earlier produced for the series Action Kind of silly in spots and can be very hard to follow.

All is going well until Stanley returns, seemingly from beyond the grave.

“Strangers on a Train”-Plot Murder – TV Tropes

However, the plot itself is surprisingly straightforward and uncomplicated, which on one hand is good—it’s focuses purely on the thrills—but on the other hand is disappointing—it offers up no surprises and feels slightly routine because of its predictability. Occult Available for Listening Booth: The plan goes off without a synopiss and even gets Henry promoted, but unfortunately Henry’s dteline mental state proves to be his undoing Dog hair left at one of the murder scenes is what trips them up.

Otherwise, a small, twisty tale that’s worth a listen.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. They really should have checked him for a gun before they pulled their gloating reveal.

Strangers on a Train

One day, while listening to what seems to be a crossed phone connection, she overhears two men planning a murder. Another overly convoluted John Dickson Carr script, but the title role is a great showcase for an actor and it’s interesting to hear Paul Lukas, Henry Daniell and James Mason each take a whack at it.


Eileen Douglas Walzer and Mel Dinelli. A private detective is hired to find a very ill man who vanished years ago. Originally produced for Mysterious Travelerbut that episode seems to be lost.

It’s written by the wonderful Lucille Fletcher so you’ll know the story will have at the very least a palpable atmosphere of dread and moments of genuine suspense—which this episode certainly has. A good adaptation of the original story. It does contain a few ironic twists, but that seems to be a prerequisite for these sort of narratives—in fact, it’s abnormal to not have an ironic twist. Yet I can’t deny that the writing is technically great—it’s more of an issue of Agnes Moorehead’s interpretation of the character.

Helen wants to escape from her abusive husband so Jimmy helps her go into hiding. Madeleine Tremaine was a famous London stage actress who now lives as a recluse.

Unfortunately, actor Ed Garner gives the central character a tough New Yorker attitude that is more caricature than human being and as such he ultimately becomes irritating rather than interesting. The Reality of Hope On Christmas Eve during the Korean War, a soldier hitches a ride on a truck driven by a mysterious soldier with a special delivery to make.

Robert Louis Stevenson Adapted by: An actor takes a room in a boarding house and soon begins to have visions in his dreams about the room’s former inhabitant, who cries out for his help in solving her disappearance. The Best Plays version is a better balanced production and the Screen Guild Theatre take is the zippiest, but none of them rank with the excellent film version. As usual, the Escape version trumps the later Suspense episodes, all of which use truncated, simplified versions of the outstanding script by William N.

If only they thought more about the narrative and less about the genre trappings.