Vijay has once again vindicated that he is one of the most promising young director in Tamil cinema today with his “Deiva Thirumagal ” which is a worthy follow-up to his brilliant “Madarasapatinam”. If its not there this would have got 10 points for sure from all rating sites. Vikram surpassed Sean Penn by truly living the character on the screen. Great work by the team.. But the first half comedy with M. Na Muthukumar’s lyrics add pep to the songs. Melodious tunes packaged cleverly to appeal — GVP succeeds again! Which begs the ultimate question why in the hell did they go to court if he is doesnot want her to be with her!!.

Never once in the 2 hour 30 minute stay in the theater one gets uninterested in the proceedings. Second half is going good. Please share your love to your surroundings. The Ups are more comparatively in this movie. Over all, the movie was a delight to watch for everyone! Sign in to vote.

First half of the movie is too slow. It was a splendid composition.

But I want to comment this movie Vikram sounds great in Kadha solla even though the pointless ‘story’ should appeal only to kids.

Am not ashamed to make it public that I was in tears through thirumwgal the film. He proved once again Santhanam is a great actor not only for his humor and also for his serious acting skills The least he could do was to do justice to the character Sam but unfortunately he did not. If its not there this would have got 10 points for sure from all rating sites. Very cute acting and her cuteness is the ultimate emotional factor in this movie!

Sam was autistic with physical impairments but Krishna is autistic but his case is worse than that of Sam which could be clearly understood from the first scene,say his lack of navigation. This is an movie which can be enjoyed to an extreme with family rather than group of friends comedy is a key to commercial success the acting of girl nila and vickram makes every audience to cry and feel in first half.


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All the actors show mature acting even new faces. Eternal sunshine of spotless mind. Baby Sarah as Nila – Great potential. The acting, camera,story,feel, etc.

Audible Download Audio Books. On the whole”Deiva Thirumagal” is a must watch especially to Savior Vikram’s acting. The Ups are more comparatively in this movie. This revelation has been made in a website that chronicles plagiarism in film music.

This is completely Chiyaan Vikram’s movie. Vikram acted smartly,but at times it looks over acting. The movie was excellent. He has taken the movie to the Top.

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This team surely get the National Award. One can not compare both films. Being a Father and a Mentally Challenged Personality. Can never be made better. Its a total shame for the director to call this movie as their original which is comparable to a scientist copying someone else’s hard research and call it as his original work.

Shanthanam is comical with his characteristic one liners. Vikram acting was mindblowing in the movie. Watch Before You Die: Most over rated movie of this year gv-vijai 8 August Prakash the film would have been a sure flop.

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I can say that you will cry but you will be happy to cry that is special of this movie Baby Sarah, no wonder you performed exceedingly cute, considering the fact that acting runs in the family blood. Thiruamgal really admire him diva his dedication and hard work towards cinema I wanna daughter omvie this in future. Rather to say its worthy of watching this Film, I wish to say, Its my pleasure to watch it.


Vikram, no one could have done that role better than you, and you never fail to impress me. Music is goo and songs are well picturised and camera works also. It is clear that 1 and hour movie is stretched to 3 hours which at some points make viewers uncomfortable. There is no point in having a song for Vikram and Anushkha.

Deivathirumagal film is a shameless copy of “I am Sam” with most of the the scenes ripped off from the Hollywood film.

Almost everyone in the theater had their tears to shed and show the feeling the movie gave.

Prakash’s mind blowing songs and background. A real must watch movie for all families. Vikram really deserves an Award for this movie.

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Vikram is excellent in his portrayal of the protagonist with subnormal intelligence. You will love the film when you ignore the ‘stagnating story’ part and unnecessary songs. That was a mistake. The Child artist Baby Sara done a great job of her character.

Nirav Shah’s cinematography is outstanding as ever. We couldn’t control our tears towards the end of the movie.