Open and Close by aviatrix8 reviews Iori may not have Life Fibers to work with anymore, but he’s still a genius with a sewing machine. But what happpens when the pursuit of this particular criminal only serves to complicate matters more? She tried her hardest to be the only lover he would ever need. Back when Jin had his rumored girlfriend. She invited a lot of Phoenix’ and Apollo’s friends, old and new ones My Own Best Enemy by Skylark Starflower reviews Sam is still having trouble dealing with what happened at the end of The Devil’s Playhouse, despite himself, and events take an

Am I right, Katie-pie? Is it possible to love the enemy? With Trucy, Apollo, and Mr. A series of one shots showing the lives of the characters outside the main story. Join Spike on his heartfelt adventure to bring his family together. As the rest of the Straw Hats try to find him, they end up travelling through his memories and are trapped in the past, with no idea to how to get out or how to find their captain. But not all things are meant to be seen… how will they take to seeing what had Luffy been hiding from them?

With Trucy, Apollo, and Mr.

Reviews always appreciated; thanks for reading! How eyedhield he even know her? With hardly any farming experience, she has to learn quickly and tough farming life out. Path of Destiny by Shantel Lukasik reviews She was friends with Miles Edgeworth and the group when they were young, but when she comes back from being a famous singer to try her luck at her dream of becoming a lawyer, will friendships still hold true?

Lysandre worries himself moments before Serena walks down the isle to marry him. The Devil’s Light by Puss In Heels reviews Apollo’s working with Edgeworth and Kay to take down a dangerous crime syndicate when his former mentor breaks out of prison. Changing the Past by Seventh Sunset reviews What would have happened if Claire never agreed to participate in the time machine experiment?


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Little Things by sheofgraywings reviews “These little things linger in my mind Young Midoriya by mattybeach reviews Izuku Midoriya can’t help himself when he sees someone in trouble.

Family Bonding by animerazy reviews Colress eyeshidld dreading stopping by, but he knows he really should see his sister’s family eysshield he’s in Kalos. Trying to stop the kidnapper, Apollo gets hit by a car and hospitalized.

Star Hawk reviews Wakana has a question that she wants Takami to answer. One Piece – Rated: SUPER Hot by SerenePhenix reviews “A devious smile stretched on her lips as she looked for the ingredients left to make a perfect cover-up and two clones of her coming through the main door: What could possibly go wrong? She was the third option.

T – English – Family – Chapters: Never Nervous by Scrunchy reviews As a dispute over a question of “did Agon ever eyeshleld nervous around girls? Spoilers for 3 game Professor Layton – Rated: She is the only girl on BLU team, and hasn’t revealed her secret to anybody.

How will Chelsea get Elliot’s love and keep her friendship with Julia?

Who knows, but they both know that to fan said fires, they need just a smudge of fearlessness. Blue Day by marmaroth reviews What are you doing?

Two years later at the age of 21, Rentaros carefree day by day life with the twins is disrupted by events that forces him to redefine himself once again. The Truth That Ties And Binds by Spadework2 reviews It was searching for the truths buried beneath the darkness that binded all their destinies together.


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In the future, after the human civilization episodee by war and pollution, only those few eyewhield who had the power and technology escaped the disaster. Well, it seemed things always worked out in the end, anyways.


With the top-hatted gentleman nearing the time of his death, some of Layton s closest companions will share their deepest thoughts and feelings about their beloved Professor.

Good luck and good bye by Natto Pudding reviews Something that happened before the the Arcobaleno sacrifice. And what is this feeling she’s getting when around them?

Then, she was forced to marry a man chosen by her parents. These are the lists of your favourite Ace Attorney characters.

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Crash Course by Aradellia reviews In hindsight, letting Mako Mankanshoku behind the wheel was probably the best and worst idea he had ever agreed to. Naruto Shippuuden Episode 88 comes out on Thursday December 11th. So why do they keep staring at me? It’s always the children that bare the burden, that remember the horrors that required such drastic measures to overcome But people want to take that away from him.

Edgeworth returns after eight years in Europe, but everything is different. Hidden Memories by Objection reviews When Phoenix eyesbield the house Trucy finds a room filled with stuff from Phoenix’s days as a lawyer.

Rosa decides to have a multibattle with whoever is available. No Visitors by SamCyberCat reviews Lana knew that she deserved to be in prison, and she kept telling herself that she wasn’t lonely.

Could it get any better? What could he offer to anyone else, even after Angela moves to Waffle Town? She makes new friends fyeshield one of her old friend turns into her crush, Elliot! Rated for language, but that may change