Kerim failed to prevent the crime but in he was inebriated and drugged plus one against 3 and he failed to report the rape. Eva just knows her father is looking out for her and leaves, Pancho asks Soraya, does he get his prize now, Soraya says when she dies and knocks on the gate she will tell them she has already been to heaven. The drugs start to take effect on Erdo, Kerim as they wait Selim and Vural so they can leave. Kerim mentions the stack of letters under her bed, but says he understands, and backs off from mentioning them. We know Fatma and Kerim finally have a satisfying sex life; Fatma is pregnant with a little girl; Rahmi and Mukaddes moved back to Ildir; Meryem and Kadir are happily married and happy to be grandparents; Emre and Esma are getting married and Meltem found her dream man and is getting remarried. Erdogan admits he would have done the same thing, and they finally break the ice. To me, it was a good sign that he could both finally accept that Fatma loves him, while accepting that Mustafa held an important place in her life. The other branch of Agencia Careras goes to see his friend in the police department.

They are glowing from their travels and vacation. Mustafa was bad news and Fatma would have been miserable. For some reason, the others drag Fatma off her. Robert and Cinthia talk about the Mogollons, Robert’s leaning towards getting them out of the way, Cinthia doesn’t want to be a murderer, they receive a summons to be questioned over Pancho’s lawsuit. Kristen gets the hint and goes back to her table. Rahmi calls and tells her he had a big fight with Mukaddes and needs to talk. Fatma weeps as she hugs Rahmi goodbye.

You epsode to feel for Fatma crying her eyes out as the bus pulled away with her family. His police friend isn’t persuaded. Saturday, April 2, at 9: Learn more More Like This.


I am from Ethiopia and thank you guys so much for the translation. Epissode your solution has the additional advantage of doing away with only one innocent baby. Fatma speaks to Esme about now working on finishing secondary school, and eventually going to university. I still didn’t catch the conversation that confirmed this.

Not even Resat’s current weakened condition is enough reason to try to keep him free.

What is Fatmagul’s Fault?: Fatmagul’un Sucu Ne? Episode 79

I too wish that Adriana would tell Eva about the pregnancy. Diego is upset that Fabi never came back. They face lots of obstacles for years. Resat tells his hired man that he has to speak to that girl, Fatmagul, and wants him to find a way to make it happen. He tells her that he’s done what they agreed, he’s talked to all his business contacts and has told them that if they deal with Eva, they will have no more business from Armando. He also usually believes others are smarter than him and know best, so he goes along with their decisions.

Thank you so much for the English subtitles.

Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?

For this reason we are using organic products on our food in Gul Mutfagi dear brother Just let it go, let your brain float like a canned pear half eposode partially-set red jello What other reason could he possibly have? This was a superbly written and acted TN. The logical thing for Adriana is to have an abortion.

Avukat Kadir 63 episodes, Fatmavul Ates Armando and Marlene look veeery worried hearing this. It’s possible that she so hates Eva that blurs her judgment. I want William Levy to kiss me, over and over and then start over again. It has got flower pattern on it, I like it so much.

Murat gets super excited, but Rahmi is non-committal. The discussion becomes quite heated, and when Armando insults Soraya, Pancho socks him in the jaw. As for the trial, what’s Kerim’s crime? He resists the urge to rip it up, folds it neatly and puts it back on the table. Fatma just wishes her luck and kisses the baby. Andy and the PI are outside Panchos in a van waiting for dark to bug his phonethe PI wants to know why they are doing this, and Andy wants him to just do what he is being paid to do.


But I just can’t believe Armando.

He knew he finally had to separate Mukaddes’ poison from Fatma once and for all. Finally, she says “Armando threatened you,” and he says yes.

We’ll be living in distant places, that’s all. Especially as those days leading up to the trial were so tense for everyone.

All the things you pulled out are things that struck me too. Wednesday, March 30, at 5: Thursday, March 31, at 6: In the workshop, Fahr completely agrees sunmary Fatma that Kerim was an idiot.

I did open my eyes to a beautiful morning on the 8th of June In fatmzgul world of men, she rules of the Ottoman Empire through her sons and grandson. I want to hit Esteve over the head with a Nerf bat. I had to chuckle and tell myself that it was only a TN, but I wanted her anvil to be more then a suspended fatmagull and a fine.

Then Fatma gets nauseous…She goes to the bathroom to yack. I find it’s the best place from which to view most novelas. I found it interesting that Vural was encouraging Kerim about Kristian And the lineup is: