When we have tested enough players to know if they are actually amazing for their value or not. Hernandez from manchester united got him for 1, coins and hes just total beast! Ive been buying packs quite alot and got kaka and ronaldo and messi but because i have a la liga team i have alexis sanches i think he has 92 pace and his skills are 5 star hes worth about k any cheaper and uve got an amazing buy. Posted October 11, at 1: Some people spend real money buying packs and sometimes get good players. Posted January 24, at 7: Demba Ba should be on that list, goes for around K now. I really like Jose Callejon to use at striker from the Italian league, also has good chem with other Spaniards.

Posted January 19, at 6: Is he rated 82 or above as a gold? Posted November 5, at 4: Fut Head Portugal also plays host to another of the five-star club; Mexico international Jesus Manuel Corona of Porto is a member of the clan. Once he is going he is unstoppable, anyone can score with him, he has 85 ball control which for someone that quick and under 2k is unheard of. Posted November 4, at 2: Posted June 30, at Posted May 18, at 7:

I agree with Kevin de Bruyne. Posted April 19, at 7: Posted January 2, at 5: Adam johnson also good when cutting in and shooting.


I am building a BPL team and have a pretty solid squad. I bought Ibarbo but i bought the 79 gold version, and i got him so cheap!!! Posted October 1, at 1: Posted February 1, at 7: He is an absolute monster partner him with d cisse or mirallas and your sorted.

Posted January 13, at 6: Also got lucky with IF Lukaku in pack yesterday! Posted November 5, at Will see if price stays low over next week and in future. Honda CAM Japan 81 is amazing, has one of the best freekick traits ever 90 91 90 if i remember correctly, and i bought him for around 1k Giroud ST France 80 is also quite effective, great heading!

The Top 5-Star Skill Players in FIFA 14

Where can i suggest not getting ripped of on Facebook Because i have just been done. Posted February 1, at 4: Stene May 3, at 3: When we have tested enough players to know if they are actually amazing for their value or not.

Bigger FUT bargains section in FIFA19 Because we are expanding the bargain players section to cover lots more players we have split this up into leagues. Posted February 7, at Thought about a few of them tested a skkiller back, just finished checking others to compare first.

If you can give us details we will maybe create a page for it in the issues section. Some sternr bargain stars: How is that a bargain? Depends what style of play you want.


Updating though which might help you. Posted January 6, at Posted October 6, at 5: Posted May 3, at 8: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Posted October 8, at 8: Posted March 21, at 8: Posted November 14, at Its only while the current competition is on for players from different leagues.

Bought him for 1k ps3. Posted October 19, at 9: Djourou was the best bargain.

5-Star Skill Players in FIFA The Complete List

Even though heading stat is lower for me hes scored 10goals from corners! He is a beast, so underrated as an Posted October 8, at 1: Cazorla should be added to the list 4 star skills 5 star weak foot only about 8k and he can score from anywhere. Posted January 6, at 6: Posted October 3, at 6: Strong gk and CDM are key to most formations. Hamsik sterbe CAM — Not the quickest but has amazing vision and can hammer home a long shot — 2.

Stfrne September 30, at 4: