The 15th best film the Coens have ever made. A Sacred Cow review of Cameron Crowe’s ode to ’70s rock. Plus, the Top 5 Films of. Ethan Hawke’s advice for raising daughters – and some movie talk, too. Long reduced to a couple of infamous scenes, “Deliverance” is also a prescient ecological nightmare – and it made a star of the late Burt Reynolds. Serial View in iTunes.

Adam and Josh, not so much. Adam and Josh consider the cuteness of Baby Groot and the Guardians sequel, plus a preview of the summer movie season. Adam and Josh share their Top 5 D. Pixar has made heroes out of mute robots, anxious clown fish, a foodie rat and an irritable 80 year-old man. Top 5 Classic Rock Moments in Movies. This was all perfectly well and good, but how would that work with existing rankings of the Coens’ filmography? Guides you to smart, interesting podcasts based on category, channel, or even specific topics. Plus, the Top 5 Miyazaki Characters.

Finally, a Top 5 that Adam and Josh can relate to: How do you celebrate 10 years of talking about movies? Top 5 Films of So Far. Josh and Adam—with the help of Chicago filmmaker.

It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts. A woman is plagued by personal – and more profound – guilt in Lucrecia Martel’s film. Adam and guest Michael Phillips have a review of Riley’s film, including some spoiler talk on the movie’s divisive ending.

Plus, an epic musical edition of Massacre Theatre, improvi. But one of the surprising things about the dozen or so films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that two of the best films in the mega-franchise are Cap. Since hooking up with the 32 year-old Gerwig, Gen-Xer Baumbach has started t. The buddy crime picture is a well-worn movie genre, but the right players can still make it seem fresh. How about the best performances by decaxe we take granted?


As real-life parents of four Adam and two Joshthis week’s list fims a more confessional quality to it than m Samuel Beckett-inspired absurdity in Alejo Moguillansky’s film.

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Is that also about how far apart the two films are in terms of quality? Adam and Josh come in peace bearing their Top 5 Alien Attacks. Two of our favorite conversations.

Plus, the Top 5 Most Anticipated Movies of Josh and Michael Phillips — along with their respective gangs of New York — leave the Five Points for an exploration of immigration in the movies. Plus, a look at the prolific actor’s best screen moments. Indie horror, broad comedy and, yes, Marvel, all among the “outlier” picks in part one.

Plus, the movies’ Top 5 Comedy Ensembles. Opening the iTunes Store. What was the best shot of ? Your subcriptions will sync with your account on this website too.

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Plus, the Filmspotting Madness championship round ma. Weekly film podcast and WBEZ radio show from Chicago featuring in-depth reviews, top 5 lists and interviews.

Plus, Adam and Josh discuss the fifth film in th. Skipping theaters entirely, it debuted on Netflix in September. Clean Ray Marathon 5: Adam and Josh take on the potentially deadly mission of reviewing the new Star Wars installment “Rogue One.

Worse than a coven of witches? Player FM is scanning the web for high-quality podcast content right now.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: Clean Ray Marathon 4: So this Thanksgiving weekend, Josh and Adam announce their initial candidates for the Golden Brick Award, and revisit reviews of some films that flew a little under the radar. Plus, a review of the Wachowski’s latest sci-fi extravaganza filmwpotting absurd future camp classic?


His name is Josh Larsen, and he believes in fitness. Customer Reviews Great show for getting ideas for interesting films to watch. Everything about Vincente Minnelli’s Van Gogh biopic is as bold and striking as one of the artist’s paintings.

Adam and Josh share their Top 5 D. Brick himself, Rian Johnson, announces the winner of Vincente Minnelli’s Van Gogh biopic starring Kirk Douglas as the tortured artist is as bold and emotionally vivid as one of the painter’s visionary canvases.

How – and why?


Weekly film podcast and WBEZ radio show from Chicago featuring in-depth reviews, top 5 lists and interviews. Join them in the Filmspotting playroom to find out.

Yes, Adam and Josh have issues with “Solo,” but also some praise for the ex Since his death in at age 46, a kind of cult has developed around writer David Foster Wallace. Adam and Josh confess their Top 5 or 50 Blind Spots. As a meditation on criticism and the critic’s relationship Like Vintage Siskel and Ebert.

Also a fine description of the actor who spoke those lines.