Please contact the Fund at , or contact your financial intermediary, as appropriate, for more information regarding available methods for cost basis reporting and how to select a particular method. The principal risks of investing in the Fund are summarized below. These instruments are not traded on an organized exchange or, generally speaking, through a clearinghouse. Any realized short-term capital gain will be decreased, and any incurred loss increased, by the amount of transaction costs and any premium, dividend or interest which the Fund may have to pay in connection with such short sale. In certain instances, a Fund may invest in sovereign debt that is in default as to payments of principal or interest. Individual Investor Investment Professional.

Russell Investment Group is the source and owner of the trademarks, service marks and copyrights related to the Russell Indexes. Organization of the Trust and the Funds. Table of Contents Risks. Table of Contents Other Derivatives: If you recently purchased your shares by check, redemption proceeds may not be available until your check has cleared which may take up to 10 calendar days. The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objective by investing primarily in a diversified portfolio of equity securities including common stock, preferred stock and convertible securities. Box Boston, MA Each Fund may buy and sell financial futures contracts, stock and bond index futures contracts, foreign currency futures contracts and options on any of the foregoing for hedging purposes only.

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Your bank may charge a service fee for sending a Federal Funds wire or bank wire. These money market investments include obligations of the U. Payment for shares of a Fund must be in U. Table of Contents Options. Trading activity is monitored selectively on a daily basis in an effort to detect excessive short-term trading activities.

The SEC, the CFTC and the exchanges are authorized to take extraordinary actions in the event of a market emergency, including, for example, the implementation or reduction of speculative position limits, the implementation of higher margin requirements, the establishment of daily price limits and the suspension of trading. The primary risk of such investments is that if the contemplated transaction is abandoned, revised, delayed or becomes subject to unanticipated uncertainties, the market price of the securities may decline below the purchase price paid by a Fund.

Table of Contents At the time a Fund commits to purchase a security on a when-issued basis, it will record the transaction and reflect the value of that security in determining its net asset value. Short sales of forward commitments and derivatives do not involve borrowing a security. Federal Funds wires cannot be made on any federal holiday restricting wire transfers, even if the NYSE is open on that day. A depository may establish an unsponsored facility without participation by or acquiescence of the underlying issuer; therefore, less information about the issuer of the underlying equity securities may be available and the price may be more volatile than in the case of sponsored depositary receipts.


For example, on a specified payment date, if the value of the stock has increased, one party such as the Fund will receive a payment equal to the amount of that increase for the time period involved and the notional number of shares, as well as receiving equivalent payments after any distribution of a dividend on the security and perhaps making certain interest-like payments on specified dates.

Transactions using options other than purchased options expose a Fund to counterparty risk. In the event of insolvency of the counterparty, the Fund might be unable to close out an OTC option position at any time prior to its expiration. The use of structured notes allows a Fund to tailor its investments to the specific risks and returns the Adviser wishes to accept while avoiding or reducing certain other risks.

This global search provides the Adviser with more diverse opportunities and flexibility to shift portfolio investments not only from company to company and industry to industry, but also country to country, in search of companies with favorable long-term prospects. Risks pertaining to particular individual instruments are described in the following sections.

The above limits are applicable whether a shareholder holds shares directly with a Fund or indirectly through a financial intermediary, such as a broker, bank, investment adviser, recordkeeper for retirement plan participants, or other third party.

Equity securities are securities that represent an ownership interest or the right to acquire such an interest in a company and may include common and preferred stocks, securities exercisable for, or convertible into, common or preferred stocks, such as warrants, convertible debt securities and convertible preferred stock, and other equity-like interests in an entity. A higher portfolio turnover rate may indicate higher transaction costs and may result in higher taxes for you if your Fund shares are held in a taxable account.

Writing covered call options on futures contracts can serve as a limited short hedge, and writing covered put options on futures contracts can serve as a limited long hedge, using a strategy similar to that used for writing covered options in securities.

Thus, when a Fund purchases or writes an OTC option, it relies on the counterparty to make or take delivery of the underlying investment upon exercise of the option. The same or similar risks are seen in investments in companies that are located in developed markets but derive substantial revenues from emerging markets.


The principal risks of investing in the Fund are summarized below. If the Adviser is incorrect in its forecasts of market values, interest rates and currency exchange rates, the investment performance of the Funds would be less favorable than it would have been if this investment technique were not used.

The value of your investment in a fund that invests in equity securities may decrease, potentially by a significant amount. To Request Information or ask Questions: The projection of short-term currency market movements is extremely difficult, and the successful execution of a short-term hedging strategy is highly uncertain.

Third, while successful hedging strategies can reduce the risk of loss, they can also reduce opportunity for gain by offsetting the positive effect of favorable price movements in the hedged prozpectus. A Fund will not purchase securities when bank borrowings exceed one-third of its total assets.

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After the detection of a first violation, the Fund or the Distributor will issue the shareholder and his or her financial intermediary, if any, a written warning.

Even though these companies are based outside of the U.

Table of Contents The Funds may enter into various Swaps that may be based upon the value of various debt and equity securities, baskets or indices. The extent of economic development, political stability, market depth and oversight, internaional, capitalization, accounting standards and transparency, and regulatory oversight in emerging markets countries is generally less than in more developed markets.

Each Fund may invest in debt obligations with any rating or without prospecrus rating. We also use, when appropriate, encryption technologies, user authentication systems and access control mechanisms. Segies deposit agreement sets out the rights and responsibilities of the underlying issuer, the depository and the Depositary Receipt holders.

First, mail your completed and signed Account Registration Form to: As a portfolio manager and equity analyst; Patrick is responsible for fundamental equity analysis and co-managing international equity portfolios. A lack of liquidity also may cause the value of investments to decline.