Add Image S2, Ep5. Manik and Nandini contemplate what to do next. Nandini feels that Manik is mistreating her. Harshad calls Navya and Nandini to practise for the competition at his house. Nandini asks Maddy to put cow dung on his face if she wins the elections. The band members start looking for Nandini and Manik. Dhruv tries to learn the signs of true love.

Nandini feels that Manik is mistreating her. Part two consists of the bands performing live that too only with the found instruments. Nandini is informed that FAB5 has been banned by Nyonika. Dhruv is ready with a song but is upset with his team mates for not supporting him. Manik also threatens Nandini to never tell anyone why he couldn’t come to the competition. Harshad creates misunderstanding between the team mates by accusing Aryaman for the blast. Ustaad Mukesh asks Maddy to join him in the Kerala trip. They run for it and accidentally tackle Nandini off the cliff, and chaos ensues.

Nandini and Navya are irritated. Meanwhile Navya checks the capabilities of Abeer’s adoptive parents. Manik comes to know that Maddy is responsible for Steve’s recovery.

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Navya has a crush eyh Harshad. Nandini is elated as Dhruv comes to her rescue. Kabir comes up with a plan to unmask Harshad’s true face in front of his band. Maddy manages to dodge them. The next day, Nandini hears Nyonika talking about the Fab Five being warned and not banned. Nandini and Manik are teased for spending their last night together.


Manik returns and is upset to witness Maddy on the stage. Harshad compels the FAB5 to leave the practice room.

Add Image S2, Ep9. The driver escapes before Nandini and Aryaman find him.

Harshad surprises everyone by announcing Navya and Nandini as his band members. Part one of Raghav’s punishment has concluded. Nandini is yet to find out that Alya has sent those goons.

She tells Nandini about it. Nandini shifts to Mumbai with Shannoo and Murthy for Rishabh’s treatment. Harshad burns down the bribe offered by Nyonika.

Dhruv breaks his friendship with Nandini in order to secure his friendship with Manik. Nandini’s last-minute persuation gives Navya the impetus to nno in the competition. Rishabh and Manik avoid her. He and Nandini become good friends. Nandini follows Navya’s plan to get rid of Manik’s iaisi. Dhruv tells Manik that he’s trying to be friends again with Nandini. Meanwhile Manik’s influence gets his band the chance to perform at the event.

He compels Nandini to sign a contract which will bind her to act as his spot girl. Manik and Nandini are stressed out on Dhruv’s absence in the college.

Ustaad Mukesh disowns Maddy because episoed chose rock music over classical music. Meanwhile Mukti convinces Navya oaisi give Abhir up for adoption.

Maddy taunts his grandfather by telling him about his mind boggling rock music performance. Harshad creates misunderstanding between the team mates by accusing Aryaman for the blast.


Alya calls for a FAB5 emergency meeting where they take her side.

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Agitated Maddy offers a deal to the businessman to let him perform in the concert instead of FAB5. Nandini is suspicious about Rishabh and Manik’s behaviour towards her.

Manik takes Nandini to FAB5’s friendship day party at his house after the performance at the old age home. She fondly collects fireflies believing they’re the harbinger of true love. Add Image S2, Ep5.

Alya finds that Mukti has started taking drugs again. Raghav sir asks all of them to prepare for the upcoming music competition.

Nandini feels that Manik is mistreating her. Manik vanishes moments before his performance as he had to tend to Rishabh who suffers a panic attack at S. Add Image S2, Ep1. Harshad tries to defend himself in front of his band.

Ustaad Mukesh asks Maddy to join him in the Kerala trip. Manik’s birthday celebration is Nandini’s attempt to reunite the FAB5. Everyone is worried about Mukti’s threat. Add Image S2, Ep6.