Meteor Garden adapts its story from Hana Yori dango for the Chinese audience. It’s no secret that next week will be the final episode of Kamen Rider Build. Continue reading Power Rangers Super Megaforce He wants to live freely won’t accept the path established for him. The Owner’s A Traitor. Mau punya username yang simple? You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Also this is where we learn the origins of the Inveses. THe second is that the series can be just as good as the last. The Chicken or the Egg? Remote Control Sakura Hurricane. I’m glad to see Kikaider finally get a chance at being remade, but when a good show has a promo episode to showcase something else, it gets annoying, especially if it already did one before. Now, it’s time to think about how Kamen Rider Ryuki may have been rebooted unless one wants to treat it as an alternate universe like Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. Introduced in today’s press event are five individual Kamen Riders.

Semoga ceritanya gak membosankan kyk wizard Meanwhile, other members of Team Baron are the loyal and trustworthy Zach, who’s the 2nd-in-command, and Peko who plots to win at Inbess Games in a makeshift jefysion. Semua laporan yang masuk akan kami proses dalam hari kerja.

We finally discover it’s Isorugi. Gaim is based on fruit. You are commenting using your Twitter account. He is now hungry for power. Wah, ini sih desain yang ketinggalan zaman Saya lihat kok desainnya aneh banget deh!

Kamen Rider Build Episode The Owner’s A Traitor

Lavender Ranger’s Top Power R How will this turn out to our heroes?! By inserting the Orange Lock Seed into the driver, and then cutting galm fruit part, lets him transform into Gaim. I remembered watching Kamen Rider Ryuki’s alternate ending written by Inoue — something that may have been requested by Toei after so many fans hit them due to how WTF the ending was.


Put one picture to show what t….

The audience knows that Gentoku is Night Rogue but not our heroes. Chairman Nanba intends to build weapons stronger than a nuclear bomb.


Last episode was a bit of a thriller. It’s also probable that Megumi was brought in by Toshiki Inoue only because executives forced him to write. Sigurd de-transforms and episoed that he is none other than the Lock Dealer Sid himself. Balik ke awal lg dunk? The setting is a emerging city apparently controlled by a corporate giant.

Though he thinks of Kota as her rival, she actually adores him. Introduced in today’s press event are five individual Kamen Riders.

However, Emma has an unusual plan to take it down. The first outcome is that next series can really get better than the last. May 19, at 8: Kamen Rider Custom Mask. Cek Pada Postingan Ketiga. So who is Blood Stark? And the Winner Is…. His death makes it seem like yet another person died in Battle Royale. Nothing beats the original? I was thinking that there’s such a thing as in the shadow gai, the former’s greatness.

Now there is a lot of debate over the heights of the Rangers but I don’t think it matters. Additionally, the Orange Lock Seed can grant Gaim an additional weapon, the Daidaimaru, a slice of orange-like sword. Episode 8 Aesir Sub Episode 9: Lastly, there’s pirate radio DJ Sagara who incites the excitement in joining Inbess Games, and making it fashionable.

So for all we know, gaimm lot of this rumor may already be true and I’d like to share my thoughts on the latest rumor from JEFusion concerning the upcoming series — Kamen Rider Zi-O! The third is that the next series can be worse than its predecessor. Amar Azlan’s Official Blog. May 12, at 4: I did some weekly Kamen Rider Build posts — until I realized that I may be biting off more than I can chew for the nth time.


May 12, at 8: Both series were pretty good in their own way though I can’t help but still think Kuuga and Agito are better. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

This episode was starting to show some impact on what could happen.

I also did weekly posts related to What’s Wrong With Epusode Kim where I decided to do it with another style — less pictures and a short summary with my personal thoughts. He accidentally found the Sengoku Driver. Previous Post Kyoryuger Brave GaimKamen RiderNewsTokusatsu.

Continue reading Power Rangers Super Megaforce Contrary to popular belief, not many Super Sentai are animal-inspired.

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As said, just take rumors with a grain of salt — though we have to realize that Kamen Rider Build has already finished filming. Meteor Garden gaaim its story from Hana Yori dango for the Chinese audience. Newer Post Older Post Home. Sejauh ini telah diumumkan dua kamen rider yang akan menjadi rival dari Gaimu, yaitu kamen rider Baron dan Kamen Rider Ryuugen. It’s rlder something when the audience knows ahead of the characters.