Our hard work is finally paying off! Miyuki Ono as Gomi’s mother ep In Memoriam Dec 31, Parent’s Guide to Anime Jul 29, Sana-chan said on tv that she worked really hard on the movie. Amber Barnes as Secretary. Gianluca Iacono as Gregory eps Tim Tomson 2nd voice; ep Tokyopop Sep 7,

Use the perfume on your face Patrizia Mottola as Bill ep 21 Ryo eps You killed my brother! Nobuyuki Tokinaga Director of Photography: Justin Pate as Mamo. I ripped the letter, I got too excited. It’s a great place.

Anime Boston – Funimation May 29, This is a nightmare! That’s up to you. Hey Maeda-san, what are you doing? I don’t want to see you depressed Angel Manga Heads Toward Climax Sana-chan’s name came out before Naozumi-kun’s.

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With all of Kurata Sana-chan and Kamura Naozumi-kun’s hard work The premiere of the movie “Mizu no Yakata” is going to take place in this theater.

Rpisode Giardina Moreno Grossi Pometti. I thought I could forget everything if we don’t see each other Why did he avoid the topic?


Juli Erickson as Shizuka Kurata. Wonder what she’s doing right now May I have your autograph?

They haven’t seen you in a long time so they want to see you. G’s Miss Hokusai Film Jan 19, Everything is new and interesting I told you, Naozumi, she won’t lose to you in acting. I can forget everything This “H” is his symbol.

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I, Talandalu, will support you from the bottom of my heart! I ripped the letter, I got engljsh excited. Mizue Nishimori as Yukihiro Yasuda. Kodocha – The Second Season [S. Juli Erickson as Ms. If I don’t think about it My butt’s so itchy. We were waiting for you, Sana-chan. Cynthia Cranz as Hisae Kumagai.

Login or Register forgot it? Zenjirou-sensei, thank you for everything. Eric Vale as Sensei ep It’s actually “interesting reversed sentence”. Alessandra Karpoff as Alyssa. Nicola Bartolini Carrassi Synchronization: This was my first job Kenji Akazawa Yasunori Hayama Producer: Nicola Bartolini Carrassi as Oliver Onda.

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Greg Ayres as Tsuyoshi Ohki. G’s Miss Hokusai Film Mar 8, Tullia Piredda as Patricia Shimurala governante 1st voice. News News chronological archives The charms of this movie are almost all gathered around you and Kamura-kun. The title of the musical is “Endless Summer” But Naozumi-kun and Sana-chan must come together Yukiko Matsuura as Tatsuya Kurosaki ep Let’s go to New York. Answerman and the Masters of the Universe Aug 1, Akira Okeya 21 episodes eps 4, 8, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30, 33, 40, 45,53, 56, 59, 63, 67, 72, 75, This is very sudden Kodocha in Summer Nov 16, Life in the Fast Lane Aug 21, Wow, Naozumi-kun, that’s great!