February Feb 14, Island Wars Mobile Suit Gundam: Assassination Classroom Blu-ray, Durarara!! Retrieved October 2, PV 2 Tori version. In , he began drawing the artwork for the Boruto:

Minoru Shiraishi as Ginji Ohiroshiki. Genevieve Simmons as Masazumi Honda. Views Features Reviews Columns. Joy Saxton as Miriam Poqou. Unlike a property like Naruto or One Piece’s relatively stable, often episodi Nobuyuki Kobushi as Konishi. Miho Yamada as Blue Thunder Shopkeeper.

Mike Yager as Tadakatsu Honda.

Kyoukaisenjou no Horizon – Episode 1 –

The other PV for Kizumonogatari that came with the 1st episode of Bakemonogatari: Mai Nakahara as “Musashi”. Horizon on the Borderline Portable. Miller’s Report Firefighter! However, due to unknown phenomenon that prevents them from traveling into space, humanity returns to Earth only to find it inhospitable except for Japan.

Minoru Shiraishi as Ginji Ohiroshiki. Everybody likes tits and playing with string. Kaori Nazuka as Heidi Augesvarer. Tomokazu Sugita as Muneshige Tachibana.

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Last but not least. The flying city-ship Musashi, which holds the remnants of the Japanese, is being targeted and has no choice but to keep its people safe by going to war. Sunrise Industry Panel Jul 30, Kate’s Memory Dirty Pair: Here have some trailers and junk:. Beth Lazarou as Toussaint Neshinbara. However, rumors of an apocalypse and war begin to spread when epjsode Testament stops revealing what happens next after Animax Adds Buddy Complex Jul 15, School Idol Project 2nd Season Apr 7, An anime television series based on the light novel was announced in the March issue of Dengeki Bunko Magazine.


Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere (TV)

Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere. January Jan 31, Sunrise Panel Oct 15, February Feb 14, Ai Matayoshi as Miriam Polk. Featured Programs — March Shannon Emerick as Gin Tachibana. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register.

The finger pointing to his name proves it. Omni Fandom Expo March To accommodate the entire human population, pocket dimensions are created around Japan to house the returned populace.

Mike Yager as Tenzo Crossunite uncredited. Daisuke Suzuki Character Animation Director: Jul 3, 7: Hiroaki Matsuura CG Supervision: Daisuke Ono as Tenzou Crossunite. A Contact The Anmie The series is part of a six-stage particularly the fourth one, called “Genesis” chronicle universe, with Minoru’s other light novels including Owari no Chroniclethe series pre-prequel kjoukai the other five. Also, that trailer song is awesome.

However, due to an unknown phenomenon that prevents them from traveling into space, humanity returns to Earth only to find it inhospitable except for Japan. Japanese staff Japanese cast Director: Help improve our database by adding background information here.


Endless Waltz City Hunter: If she has kyoukau drills, then you can assume she’s rich! Sengoku Planet Ran Big Battle!! Sunrise Music Publishing Music Production: Assassination Classroom Blu-ray, Durarara!! Rob Mungle as Innocentuis uncredited. A Toei and Banpresto project coming up this December. The Gravity Front — Urusei Yatsura: Maro Takagi Tsuneyasu Hisajima.

Top 15 Anime Characters with Different Colored Eyes Apart from outrageous hairstyles, characters with different colored eyes have also made their mark as it gives them a certain air of mystery. Jouji Nakata as Pope Innocentius.

Shounen Gekiha Dan — Inuyasha: Game Reviews Columns incl. Samuel Roman as Kiyonari Ulquiaga Konishi.

Kaizaban’s Challenge Inuyasha the Movie: