There are a host of things one can do outside of merely questing and exploring. Lots of people stand around in cities, showing off their absurd fashion gear, touting their humongous, cheesy anime-font titles over their heads like a halo. Warriors excel in up-close, high-impact combat. Veronica Dec 4, 6: I rather like the idea of guilds offering bonuses other than an Exp Boost, or adorable pets; there are also banners and emblems you can gain as a guild which have their own potential boosts. This should be maxed regardless of build because its free stats. OK, I’ve heard plays say they are squishy but didn’t know what it meant, just sounded funny. This can be a blessing and a curse:

The default controls are in a very awkward place, with z and x being your default light and heavy attack. Lord above I hated the basic controls for this game. For those who enjoy PVP, the Coliseum offers you battles against a random player of similar skill and rank. All can be obtained from decomposing gear. Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. They also have unique, Knight-only shields. While I am about to go into who does what, I have read that Warriors are recommended for beginners because of their damage, having the hardest hitting attacks in the game in exchange for very low defenses. Ranks in PvP also confer stat bonuses, so there is a great deal of competition in this very casual, social game.

Never get this buff. Knights are heavy on stamina and can tank on the frontlines of combat. Upon character creation they do have some stat bars describing what the class is or is not good at, but I do not really think that is enough information to go on.

The amount in which you get is random, but you do get more or higher tiered shards the better the weapon. Out of one will come a great light. Seres armor adds like 5k hp.


At higher levels you get an ability called Mana shield which is exactly what it sounds like. Glass cannon describes the typical wizard.

This should be maxed regardless of build because its free stats. And put the rest of the points into the skills you want.

You get several types of skills to boot. All can be obtained from decomposing gear. Version notes of this guide version 1.

Sign In Create an Account Cancel. The sound effects are kind of annoying though, and the whiny character voices frankly skill my teeth on edge. Or so it felt like, as much of my time spent was wandering through forests.

So how bad is the power gap of the classes? In terms of questing after just making a new char you mainly will see Ases in Belos as your first option and you seson with him. The Ice Storm skill is somewhat helpful because it will freeze the enemies in place for a few seconds reduces how many times you have to heal and its always fun to attack when you can.

But still indeed when you do xeason class has their own soul steal set from each other. Ultimately A Social Experience The game is more social than a hardcore raid game.

I forgot you dont soul steal until after your weason change. Much of the early game revolves around the Abio Rangers a parody of the very popular Super Sentai franchise in Japan who show you the ropes, literally, as brd climb up and down ropes and jump across chasms, learning the ins and outs of being a hero.

Thank for the link, AugustineVii. Table of Contents 1. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Agile and lucky, Explorers rely on their speed and lightning fast attacks to see them through any adventure.


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I should get to that as well. If you are going full support remember to keep an eye on your sp- if you run out of sp then you can’t heal. Kaneris LaTale December 17, at The first few areas the mobs do not attack until you hit them, but as you progress eventually the bad guys get a little smarter. I’m giving this ago because bard classes are always fun to me but I have a decent amount of lag to make high action play very difficult, is the bard relatively tame mechanically and able to be played with a second or so latency?

Able to get there through Shalo in any town Note: If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Since you are going to be a bard I’m going to give you a rundown of your buffs: Growth damage and mood have been changed.

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As for bards there are three different types of skill builds these are just general guidelines. It is a very barrd character creation system. Keep in mind that although not every class gets its personal buff or skill change, they all get new special skilps I mean the green ones on a separate tab.

From there finish quests in every area they send you to and should be gaining levels not fast but sustainably quicker than normal since Season 1 – 2.