You could let me know what you thought. I dunno- I watched it like 10 times for some reason. It was sooo funny, especially because I was the only one doing that at my house, and at school. Shellybean July 31, at 5: For instance, I enjoyed Dong Yi quite a bit which many had criticized as well , so if you liked that, then I would recommend Mandate of Heaven, since the pace, apparent ‘stoic acting’ from both leads, secret plots and G-rated romance scenes make them pretty similar. Hmmm, I wonder about MR. I also found that I am not as interested as I used to be in reading everyone’s comments, not if I don’t have a question about the ep.

I read the recap and skim to the dating scenes. Haruru July 29, at I think Mom has recovered from her anger and is acting like a Mom should – giving Soon Shin the support that she needs. She is very nice and so is her family. Really liked this week’s episodes even though like a lot of you I’m watching the show in fast-forward mode! As for the ex, he strikes me as a mama’s boy and I believe his actions are partly motivated by his mother.

Can’t Dad just come back as a ghost or something?

Lee Soon-shin is the Best: Episode 39 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

Not sure if the hyperlink will work after I post this. Abbie July 29, at 1: Fine, then divorce, she says. Does he really think that Yeon Ah is the problem?

DramaQueen July 30, at 6: Despite the gazillion comments and feedback on-line on what is wrong with this drama and suggestions on how it can be salvaged have fallen on deaf ears this drama’s writer’s and PD’s ears. Yoo-shin gives a presentation and then is offered a big project afterwards to make a new item.


They say some awkward goodbyes and she smiles as he leaves. With regard to what you termed your ‘backlash’, I personally don’t mind or haven’t noticed anything that ever irked me, but perhaps that’s because I don’t come here too often unless I’m getting less busy like now, yay!

Epjsode felt like I couldn’t enjoy any of the theme park scene because we all knew what was coming.

The Immortal Lee Soon-shin – – video dailymotion

Pls go read this,thanks: I had sgin I looked for and people who looked for me as well, and that was really nice. I’m kinda new here It is bad to get double crossed, right? Ah, best ending ever: He even pokes him in the chest and Jin-wook makes him stop.

I feel so disconcerted about Bread Man and Hye Shin’s finally getting together. I know it’s basic dramaland hand-waving, but this is a serious issue of professional ethics and I wish it had been hinted at somewhere in the drama. And since this isn’t a one off everyone flips once in a whileI have to conclude that both si mom and dad are pretty crap at parenting.

At first I tolerated her because that is what second leads do, but this is getting ridiculous. Ivoire August 5, at It is helpful to throw out some questions here, at the risk of sounding dumb or ignorant at times.

Junho’s dad is of course not irrational, I’m just questioning his decency, of which he has, in my book, zero. Glad for Bread Man and Hye-shin. Truth is, I’m just reading JB’s highlights then watching said highlights.

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If you can post the link here it would awesome!! I’m not so sure anymore So, please, give Miryung a bit of a break. That was what the female lead wanted in her husband, that he be an orphan! Either she gets Joon-ho, or Soon-shin looks like a boyfriend stealer and ruin her career.


Thank you for the quick recap JB! Bok-man bset as Gil-ja coughs and blusters. That could be my middle name, really: Yeon-ah soin that no one will believe it if they deny it. Mean Dad or crazy wife? I found out that I didn’t really need to know everything that was happening in Kdramaland or with Korean celebrities.

Ajumma blows her lid, naturally, blustering at the couple to move out and live at the other house then. Namaly, the above two. It is not the “Thanks” that is annoying, but the fact that she replies to her own comment after she has written a longer one to be at the very top. The remnants of the Japanese invasion force are desperate to go home, but are also driven by personal motivation to beat their greatest adversary, Admiral Yi Sun-sin, once and for all. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

That man is simply adorable. Chloe August 8, at 1: I hoper Hye-shin’s Bastard Ex leaves soon. Even though I was disappointed with the so called plot and all the annoying angst following the birth secret I stuck with it just for our Shin-shin couple.