Return the way you came. Fruit block 3 – Head right from where you got mini-kit piece 9 and break the canister behind the pillar. Chapter 5 – Count Dooku [] 1. Walkthroughs and guides for all movie-based Lego video games. Evasion Challenge – , 8. Inside the room, sue a Thermal Detonator to blow up the object. They had it above the door, using Sith force to break yellow cage, but there is not one there. Chapter 2 – General Grievous [] Fruit block 1 – Break the canister on the right side of the area you start on.

In the room before the room that had 3PO in it, use the Force to put together the Astromech droid panel and use it. Use the Force to put together the Astromech droid panel. In the first area use the Force to raise a Naboo Starfighter, then use a Sith to raise a platform on either side of the hangar. Use the Protocol droid panel to enter the room on the left wall. Take out the troopers in this next room. Over on the other side of the room, use the Stormtrooper panel and enter the room. Pitstop – , 4. Fruit block 3 – In the same room, ride the lift up and break the object to the right.

Fly over the switches shaped like a TIE Fighter. Chapter 2 – Speeder Showdown [] Fruit block 1 – In stage 2 blast the rocks on the right at the start of the area.

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Use the travel chute by fruit block 3. Use the Protocol droid panel to raise a bridge, cross it to find the piece.

In saag second area, have a Sith break the block Legos that’s blocking a doorway. Climb up the ledges near where you got the last piece, break the object up here for a piece.

Fruit block 1 – Break the blue box near the first gap to cross. Fruit block 1 – Blast all the rocks just past the first laser. Build the Legos then pull the wall switch.

In here, step on the compleye floor switches on both the left and right sides of the room. Use a Bounty Hunter to throw a chaptdr detonator on the left side and go through the door, then assemble the pieces for a Canister.


In the area with all the cubby holes, break the three Lego pedestals blocking a cave. Use the Artoo panel in the front right. The Canister will be in the middle of the room. You’ll know if you got all four when the little red light episoxe green. Go all the way to the right side of it and drop down to the lower level, go right along a path and drop down for a piece.

You may want to do this before freeing Obi-Wan so you don’t have anyone shooting at you. Ride it across the room to the platform you made, walk over near the edge and you’ll see the piece.

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Use the Force to stack the blue boxes. In the next area drop off the ledge, build and use the travel chute for a piece. Destroy the six glowing towers in the first area. Fruit block 3 – In the same area as mini-kit piece 7, follow the upper walkway all the way to the left and break the object at the end. All logos and images are copyrighted by their respective owners. Go back down, head out chpater door, and go to the right. In the same room as mini-kit piece 6, have a Sith raise the round platforms.

Have him open the door, then carefully navigate the hall without cyapter through one of the holes. Did I Break your Concentration?

Build the Legos you get then break the object you made. Break the box up here for a buildable piece. Head left and climb up the rock slope, then head over to the slide and slide down. Red brick – In the hangar, go all the way to the right side. Next to the room where you fought Boba, use the Astromech droid panel and enter the room. Use the Force on the platform again to get up to the piece.


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Rebuild the gun chairs and use them to destroy each side of the red force field. Use the Force to make a platform to your left, which makes a piece appear. Then climb the stackable blocks to get the piece. At the start of stage 2, go right and turn around. Use the Force on the platform, then use it to get up a level.

Tow-cable 6 AT-ST’s in stage 3. Chapter 2 – Escape from Naboo [] Fruit block 1 – Inside the flower box directly across from the Palace doors. Across the gap to the right of the same area break a box then build and use the grapple point.

Use str grapple point where Padme is. Now use the Dark Side on the grid. Shoot ten TIE Interceptors in stage 1. Isolation Xbox Guide. Grapple up two levels and run across all the floor switches to make this piece appear. Push the two blocks onto the floor switches, then stand on the other ones and a piece will appear. You can only access this disco in Free Play mode as the room is restricted.

Imperial Activation Panel – 35, Go inside to find a buildable piece. Episode V, Kinikits 3: Fly over all of the switches to make the piece appear. Thanks for the help. Wasr brick – At the end of the level, keep going right past Obi-Wan’s house. Fruit block 1 – In the same place as mini-kit piece 3 break the small object that’s next to the platform you used to get the mini-kit piece.

Pull the levers on the right wall to access some boxes.