Chances are like Zenkichi’s mentality – Zero. Honobono Log – best slice of life short most kawaii loli overlord Donquixote Doflamingo AMV – Control. She’s by far the cutest and sexiest chick in the series for me. Now if they can animate the whole manga with that quality, I’ll be a very happy man. Toshitsugu Kaku as Doctor 1 ep 10 Male Student ep 1. Medaka didn’t return to normal because their bond is powerful or because of the power of love or any other retarded reason.

I hate his voice. Ai Kayano as Mogana Kikaijima. They even show it in the ending theme. Luci Christian as Chijiwa. I guess I’m one of the people who isn’t very satisfied with Kuma’s voice. P I hope the ratings for Medaka Box’ manga in Jump won’t affect this adaptation getting a 3rd season. You know the World Army can come to the school and shut it down with perhaps even turning it into a battle field cause Munakata would not give himself up easily after all. I read the manga and I remember many times she lost and needed help or another try after that.

I guess they are keeping that information for when they’ll reveal Medaka’s abnormality “The end” when she’ll recover from “Weighted words”.

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If sale did matter that much we wouldn’t have gotten a s2 to being with. The first page was included. But whatever, I still enjoyed the episode. BBCode Modified by kokloco, Dec 15, 2: Since Medaka box is a heavy dialogue anime, and all the fun come from there.


If the spoilers are any indication of where this is headed, there are a couple of good fights ahead. Laura Wyrick Subtitle Abmormal Yeah, saying who’s going to fight next episode is a bit spoily, even if it could be deduced from the preview.

Medaka Box Abnormal TV. Nice to see some history between the two of them as eplsode. Her shtick is always overcoming her obstacles, but with almost no effort behind it. The members of 13 Party are talking about killing Medaka, examining her corpse for research, etc. Yasuhiro Akamatsu OP Associate producer: Yukiko Okada Assistant Unit Director: Ai Kayano as Mogana Kikaijima. The Kurokami Phantom was so well done!

Can’t wait for the next fight, I’d say it was my favorite of this arc. Juliet Simmons as Saki Sukinisaki. I don’t know much about Anshin’in. All we’re doing is expending energy in a wasted effort, following signs that are unreliable.

Really nice episode lets see what’s next! I thought it’d be much worst than that but I actually enjoyed it. If you know whose. Luci Christian as Chijiwa. Shigusa was a cool character episodr Medaka is getting some character development! I dislike the good part of Medaka, she says things that annoys me. She sure stays the best! I was rooting for Medaka-chan this entire episode especially when she started using Unzen’s super balls.

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Can’t wait for the next fight, I’d say it was my favorite of this arc. There’s nothing wrong with that. Those bonds medaak friendship that lasted for 13 years cannot be broken that easily, Oudo. Kana Harufuji ep The first fight, however impressive, was still the weakest of the arc.


With these 2 depictions, totally. Megumi Han as Tou Kejukuri ep The release of atomic energy has not created a new problem. The face revelation scene was excellently executed and Itami’s reactions were so cute.

D But it did. It has merely made more urgent the necessity of solving an existing one. Medaka and Medaka rev.

The fight was didcussion, nothing special though. Seem like someone well placed in the studio care about that project, if that so we just might have a s3.

Medaka Box Abnormal Episode 7 Discussion

Theron Martin has the details. Minako Kotobuki as Nekomi Nabeshima. I’m more concerned about why they didn’t include this scene! Ryota Ohsaka as Hyakuchou Hamaya. His mother was a doctor dpisode too i think. Zenkichi vs Kei is a spoiler in this thread. Yess Kumagawa finally appeared.