Toadfish Rebecchi Morgan Baker Aidan turns the question back on Kyle, and mentions that he and Georgia seem to be getting on pretty well. Back on the pitch, Chris confides in Kyle about how pleased he is that Aidan is finally letting him help him. She points out that he needs a job. Aidan grimly finds the opposing Aussie football team includes hospital colleague Nate Fuller. Harold’s Aidan is making a call, waiting for Chris to answer.

Start your free trial. While Chris gets some beers, Kyle asks Aidan what the story is with him and Nate. No 30 Toadie arrives back from his drive with Nell, who is still bawling, much to Callum’s annoyance. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. I’m not interested in working for trash like you. We’re supposed to be together. Ajay says his wife’s demands are pretty standard:

Started going on this rant about being able to look after himself.

Sonya, Callum and Nell come in. Rani scowls, realising that Callum didn’t need her help.

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No 22 Since Paul’s birthday falls in January this year! Kyle comes in and Chris tells him what Aidan said. Lassiter’s Complex Chris sits in the courtyard alone.

Kate turns up and asks Paul how the meeting was, but can see the answer to that for herself, from the way Priya slams her car door and marches inside. He says he can’t represent someone who makes his skin crawl. There’s a bunch of people on it who used to live on the street. Chris demands to know why Aidan didn’t tell him about the prior acrimony with Nate at the hospital. He tells he needed her to come over to help him with Nell, because Sonya’s got to rest and Toadie’s at work.


Still, Rani lifts her out of the crib 5658 Callum smirks. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. As he goes to buy more drinks, Aidan joins him.

No neifhbours Ajay has a quick bit of toast and grabs a folder. He leaves and Chris stares after him. Callum comes in; there is some post for Nell from her Auntie Jade, who has sent her a mix CD in the hope that she won’t inherit Toadie’s musical tastes!

He rejects Aidan’s call. Priya hands him an envelope, and at that precise moment, she gets a call from Paul. However, the lawyer has sent peisode text apologising for being late. Ajay offers to help stop Nell crying.

Ajay appreciates the thought, but says it’s not a problem. Audible Download Audio Books. Tony looks stunned as Ajay walks out, wishing Sheree good luck as he leaves.

Ajay suggests Nell might simply want Sonya, but Toadie has promised he will handle her while Sonya sleeps. She enquires about his ankle. He neighboyrs for lying, but it seemed to work for a while. I know that you need more than an apology and I still want to be with you. Chris says there’s no point. Eisode Robinson Ashleigh Brewer He invites her to come over, but she declines. No 30 Rani is putting Nell’s socks on. Aidan comes to join him.


And I don’t have any clue what it is, because you won’t tell me? Rani agrees to stay and she and Callum go to watch the video.

No, you can’t be, stop it! Chris smiles, pleased that Aidan’s finally letting him help. Nate comes over and asks if they’re still playing. He’s obviously distracted, and eventually admits he’s got a school board meeting today.

And I wanted today to be fun. Back epislde the pitch, Chris confides in Kyle about how pleased he is that Aidan is finally letting him help him. He blusters on about caring about the school, but Priya’s sure he is only punishing her for her refusal to have anything to do with him. Despite Aidan’s pleas, Chris says he has kept things from him time and time again; and that he can’t deal with it anymore.

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Unfortunately for Toadie, this appears to stop Nell crying. He assures Chris that he can be more open. No 24 Ajay comes in, looking stressed. Rani epissode Nell is cute. Nell is not impressed, and continues to cry.

Ajay says nothing, so she says she spoke to Priya. Chris doesn’t think anything will change.