The Queen has been set free from her curse, and faces a new future. Nami Miyahara as Momoko Asuka. Tomoko Akiya as Hazuki Fujiwara. Chihiro Sakurai as Dela. Tomoko Kawakami as Genki ep Tooru tries to become an idol like Onpu, but fails in every way. The Witches’ Secret” Transcription:

Upon returning to school from summer vacation, the girls become interested in their classmate Shino Hanada’s trip to Mongolia. This page was last edited on 22 February , at This results in the Maho-Do being transformed into a crafts shop and Hana’s magical crystals shattering, requiring Doremi and the others to supply her with the energy needed to become a witch apprentice. Majorika gets purchased by Pop. Japanese staff Japanese cast Series Composition: Father and Son’s Secret” Transcription: During a festival, Hana meets a white elephant who is left alone by the others.

Nazo no Glass ” Japanese: Hagiwara joins the Music Club but is unable to play guitar despite his father having been the lead singer of a now disbanded group. Hana becomes sick of the girls constantly keeping tabs on her.

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Tamaki falls under the virus of the Witch Queen. On September 5,Kodansha Limited announced the coming of the light novel Ojamajo Doremi 16featuring the original work of Izumi Todostory written by Midori Kuriyama, and illustrations by Yoshihiko Umakoshi. When it comes to exam time, Hazuki and Aiko earn fairies for passing the exam.

Takafumi Hori eps 1, 13 Yoshihiko Umakoshi eps 4, Hana goes through her level 7 witch exam. Whilst initially cold towards the other girls, Onpu soon warms up to them and sacrifices herself to prevent their identities from being revealed. Battle of Adventurers and Kinnikuman. Romi Park as Koyuki Ichikawa ep 6. Aiko and Onpu argue with each other after Aiko misunderstands the importance of the idol’s feelings.


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After the events of the Sharp movie, Pop asks her mother to teach her how to play the piano. The Twins’ Mysterious Magic” Transcription: Kumiko Watanabe as Fami ep Every Valentine’s Day, Hazuki and Masaru swap gifts.

They can’t see Hana again because of this, and they part ways. Shiori, who is motherless, and Masaru, who doesn’t care much for his, decide to skip school after being asked to draw them as an art project. In the movie, Pop has just passed one of her witch exams, but gets into a heated argument with Doremi because Hana followed her into the Witch World.

Atarashi no Ojamajo ” Japanese: Pop and Erika are at odds again when they decide which play their class is to perform at the School Arts Festival. Mamiko Noto as Sachiko Ijuuin. Dodo and the Others’ Big Transformation” Transcription: Misora Elementary is choosing a class president.

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The girls get to spend time with their families on Christmas Eve. Now that Nagato is rpisode school, she needs to get to class. The trouble with Hana is that she still needs to work on her potty-training. Conveniently enough, the third health examination challenges the baby’s ability to crawl.

Densetsu no Okashi ” Japanese: Takahiro Sakurai as Atsuhiko ep 6. Demon Coach Igarashi” Transcription: Toei Animation Recording Studio: Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko use this clue to identify the presence of a Bad Card. There’s a reason why ojaamjo stopped.


Giorgio Dotemi Max Longhi. What starts out as an accident turns out to be Doremi’s worst day ever—until she finds a surprise waiting for her at the MAHO Dou.

The girls take the Level 8 Exam in which they have three hours to clear three obstacles unknowingly chosen beforehand. Views Features Reviews Columns.

Tooru tries to become an idol like Onpu, but fails in every way. Ai Nagano as Mary ep 2 Reika Tamaki. A day in the Witch World’s kindergarten is chronicled. Onpu’s father, whom Onpu hasn’t seen in six months, is conducting a new express train.

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When Pop and Hana switch bodies, that’s the main thing on Pop’s mind! Aiko reunites with Anrima, who made a promise to her when she was younger.

Their thoughts are clouded, yet they carry out their duty of kidnapping Hana. Hazuki no Michi ” Japanese: Junichi Sato Takuya Igarashi. Doremi, Hazuki, and Aiko have to convince him otherwise.

Fumiko Miyashita as Sachiko. Momoko spends some time with Hana and they get to know each other.