They gather together and start to glow. Brock and Misty are out looking for Melvin and Ash when Misty then realizes that Ash has been hypnotized. Brock and Misty are nowhere to be found, so I guess they were just cool with this eccentric older man taking their ten-year-old friend into the woods alone. Full Cast and Crew. The Exeggutor stampede off and nearly run Misty and Brock down. The two run ahead to find Melvin and Ash lying on the ground after being trodden on by several Exeggutor.

McGee voice Inuko Inuyama He then uses Hypnosis to put Team Rocket asleep. Will they get out? He also has one of those Jerry Lewis-esque Jewish accents, presumably because he has a large nose and the English voice casters were racist as fuck. Ash performs his own trick involving a magic box, with fire and water magically shooting out at his command, but it was revealed to contain Charmander , Squirtle , and Bulbasaur. Trivia Exeggcute evolves without a leaf stone which should be impossible.

They immediately start putting Melvin down for his shoddy magician skills and start to make their claim over the Exeggutor. The eggs do not appreciate his rude comments, and their eyes begin to glow mysteriously.

They all fall off, however, ruining the effect. So like a hive mind?

They start to run away in the direction of town, nearly running over Brock and Misty. The bomb goes off just a few seconds later, luckily too exeggutr from the Exeggutor and the group to hurt anyone. Team Rocket gets carried away by the Exeggutor, and the gang continues on their journey. They then merge together and evolve into another Exeggutor. This site uses cookies.


He taps a hole in the box and a column of flame shoots out at Melvin. Edit Did You Know?

Charmander uses Flamethrower and burns the Exeggutor and that wakes the Pokemon up from the Hypnosis. She hits him and exeggtuor man falls flat on his back.

The March of the Exeggutor Squad | Watch Pokémon TV

Eager to save what little face he has left, Ash turns on the Exeggcute, criticising it them? Personal tools Create account Log in. Charmander moves his tail and burns Sqhad. Misty decides to split from the group, slightly embarrassed by their presence, and ride on a Rapidash Merry-Go-Round with Pikachu at her side. He then uses Hypnosis to put Team Rocket asleep.

Episode 43: The March of the Exeggutor Squad

The other Exeggutor copy this and squax up hypnotizing each other, causing them to go on a rampage towards the town. Lucario and the Mystery of Mew! Anyways, back to the show! Meanwhile, Team Rocket floats by overhead. After everyone gets cleaned up, Ash comments on how Exeggcute doesn’t seem capable of doing much. Squirtle episdoe currently using his Water Gun to provide the water and it’s obvious that Charmander had supplied the fire.

The three start to fight and all goes wrong. Ash and his friends find themselves in a town hosting a carnival. The Exeggutor wake up and turn back around to go home. Team Rocket joins the forest of Exeggutor.


I mean, he did just endanger a bunch of lives. So why is this episode on the list? Excited, Brock and Ash change into funny outfits and start dancing. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Start your free trial.

Kasumi voice as Mayumi Iizuka Rachael Lillis He dons a knock-off Aladdin costume and somehow materializes a box with three holes in the top.

Narrator voice as Ken Gates Rest of cast listed alphabetically: Ash congratulates his Pokemon and Charmeleon responds by using Flamethrower on his master. JessieJamesand Meowth are teh into believing they are Exeggutor, and follow the herd. Back at the carnival, the Exeggutor stampede through, causing panic and destruction. From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars.

Charmander breaths a mrach of relief, then suddenly starts to glow. Misty tells Melvin to use his fire trick again, but he is hesitant. The crowd starts to call out how boring that is and how they want to see magic.