There are other benefits to take into account. The screenshot below click to enlarge shows my member area. If you cancel your Vitality plan and have not completed your payments under the credit agreement, your credit agreement with the lender will continue under the terms of that agreement. Critical Illness is often expensive and some industry experts have levelled criticisms over the limited number of conditions these policies actually cover. Find out more about Investor. Vue Cinema and Cineworld vouchers Get active and get a ticket every week. Level Term assurance – where the amount insured remains constant throughout the policy term and the policy only pays out if one of the lives assured dies during the policy term.

Just put your contact details in the form and chose the time of day to have a quick chat. Your Vitality Health Insurance policy starts with Core cover to which you can add additional benefits of your choice. We’ve also got a pair of trainers for half price. Vitality has an existing relationship with Fitbug, the pedometer maker. Explore the best protection options for couples. How does VitalityLife health and life insurance work – in particular Vitality points? Because the premiums on life insurance policies are typically much lower than on health insurance policies Vitality don’t give life insurance policyholders automatic access to the Vitality reward scheme unless they pay a small fee once the monthly premium is of sufficient size.

If you go online and read forum posts or customer comments about Vitality the few negative comments seem to be disgruntled comments about Vitality not paying out on claims.

When you take out a plan be it health insurance or life insurance with Wellness Optimiser you are given a Vitality status. This gives you a 3pc discount: Get a Health quote.

In absolutely no circumstances can Vitality cinema voucher vigality be sold or gifted to third parties by a member.

Codes are not valid for Premieres, Event Cinema, alternative content and special screenings. He said PruHealth offered good cover and the points system was “very innovative”. If you live in London in particular all of the rewards are easily accessible. Just put your contact details in the form and chose the time of day to have a quick chat. This is the reason why I now go to the gym at least twice a week a guy who never went and enjoy it. We particularly like the free cinema tickets, which we use loads, especially when taking Nigel’s daughters in the school holiday.


However, it is worth pointing out that Aviva charges more for a comparable medical insurance product, and policyholders don’t get these fringe benefits. It can be set up as either: Looking for private health care?

I personally took out a Vitality Life Insurance policy in Junepartly to test the product but also because I think it is a decent policy, especially if you heed the advice in this article. Vitality has an existing vitalitg with Fitbug, the pedometer maker.

Vue Cinema & Cineworld Vouchers | Cinema Activity Rewards | Vitality

viitality Family Income Benefit plan – works in the same way as a level term assurance plan except the benefit is paid out as smaller regular chunks like an income rather than as a single lump sum. Vitality acquires a lot of its customers via tie-ups with employers or vitalitu clubs whereby those who are covered on the company plan are already engaged in healthy activities. As I said earlier, I worked in the industry and know how underwriting works. As some policies such as family packages have more than one person as a member, several members of a household may be included.

Saturday 23 February Of course, this is a little oversimplified. Vitality offers both health and medical insurance but it’s important to understand the difference between the two types of policy. The Vitality product is built upon clever psychology which has been shown that if you incentivise i.

Vitality review – is it the best health and life insurance?

By way of comparison, a Big Mac ciinema calories and 25g pruhealh fat. The Vitality Health Insurance plan is a medical insurance policy as described in the last section but with some key differences. Now I don’t collect my free coffee every week or even go to the cinema with the family very often despite the free tickets.

More from the web. A venti, whole milk, signature hot chocolate with vigality cream weighs in with calories and Much will depend on your circumstances. Would-be policyholders should calculate whether it’s worth paying a higher premium for the benefits. Vitality life insurance, in particular, is a fantastic product which is incredibly cost-effective and can even save you more than it costs as it does me if you are moderately active.

Tom Baigrie, the head of LifeSearch, said the same applied to critical illness products. Rather than setting the price of premiums based on pre-existing medical conditions, Vitality prices insurance cover based on continuous lifestyle monitoring.


The legendary investor has been sharing tips with Telegraph readers for more than half a century — and he offers two more “buy” ideas today.

Under a tie-up with Starbucks announced today, the insurer’s policy holders who earn nine “Vitality points” a week will be able to cash them in for coffee. Terms and conditions apply at member.

MIchelle Ford and her partner, Nigel, took out their PruProtect policy in July this year, when they arranged a mortgage for their new homes. You start on bronze and can progress to silver, gold and ultimately platinum.

How Vitality rewards work

Vitality used to be called Pru Health. The important thing to understand that as long as you live a moderately active life by that I mean that you do leave the house from time to time you can achieve plenty of Vitality points to enjoy all of the benefits described so far. Track your daily activity — walking, running, cycling, swimming or going to the gym — with one of our discounted activity trackers, to earn Vitality points.

Speak to a VitalityLife adviser for tailored advice.

In prunealth nutshell, the Vitality Health Insurance policy is very comprehensive but also flexible enough to fit your budget or personal circumstances.

The screenshot below click to enlarge shows my member area. Just doing your online Health Review and taking a Vitality Healthcheck could earn you up to points — enough to get you to Silver status straight away.

Offer only available to members aged 18 or over. Codes are valid for Mini Morning screenings. Going to the movies is a great way to cut down on unhealthy stress levels. If you require assistance, please email info personneltoday. It is a product that offers a huge range of discounts ptuhealth cash rewards if you exercise and live a cinmea healthy lifestyle. You can also take advantage of our other partner offers for gym membership, running shoes and bikes.

However, it was recently rebranded after Prudential sold its remaining 25pc stake to Discovery, an insurance group based in South Africa. The new, enhanced, offer is sure to provide an even more inspiring reward for our members.