Raaikishori – Episode – November 26, Ep 26 Nov To know the details keep watching Zee Bangla. Raaikishori – Episode – March 19, – Full Episode. Kusum runs after him but he does not listen to her. Raaikishori – Episode – March 16, – Full Episode. Ira asks Kishore to relax and tells him to rest. To know the detail, watch Zee Bangla. Keep watching to know more.

Raaikishori – Episode – November 19, Ep 19 Nov How Kusum and Kishore will save their life? All rituals will be performed in front of Kusum. Kusum begs Mira to leave Kishore and she is ready to do whatever Mira wishes. Next day, Mira again attempts to meet him. Raaikishori – Episode – December 6, Ep 6 Dec

Not only this, she put some conditions in front of Sudhansu to release Kishore. Will Kusum find out Kishore? Subtitles Audio Languages Available On. Raaikishori – Episode – March 4, – Full Episode. As soon as she sees Sudhangshu along with the other family members she asks for forgiveness.

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But she does not listen to him and asks his hired raaikishorj to chase them. But she finds their driver lying in the garden. To know the details keep watching Zee Bangla. Hemlata tells him that she did all these conspiracy to take revenge from them.

Raaikishori – Episode – March 21, – Full Episode. He brings police to arrest her. Seeing her great sacrifice, all the family members forgive her. She tells Kusum to become a witness of their marriage.



Kusum raaikoshori him that everyone at home is worried for him and asks him to go with her. Will Kusum shoot herself? Kusum and other members are searching for Kishore.

After listening about the incident from the driver, Kusum returns home and starts shouting by calling Mira’s name. Raaikishori – Episode – November 26, Ep 26 Nov Kishore is mesmerized by Kusum’s beauty and talent.

He snatches the revolver from Mira’s hand and asks them to leave the place. To see, epiosde happens next stay tuned to Zee Bangla.

After a while, Shayon and rinda too walk down the stairs and greet their family members. Raai tells Arko that he supported Meera and noticed all her acts silently. Raaikishori – Episode – March 5, – Full Episode. To know what is going on in Mira’s mind stay tuned to Zee Bangla.

To know this stay tuned to Zee Bangla. Meanwhile, Latika calls up Sudhansu and informs that they are at her house and absolutely safe. Will Kusum be able to find out Kishore? She understands that her life is very short so she hands over her son’s responsibility to Kishore and Kusum. Raaikishori – Episode – March 27, – Full Episode. Ira asks Kishore to relax and tells him to rest.

Raaikishori – Episode episoode March 23, – Full Episode. Kusum and Sayan get worried. Raaikishori – Episode – November 25, Ep 25 Nov All of them come to know about Mira’s episoxe.


Suddenly, she snatches the revolver from one of the guards and takes herself on gun point. What will happen when the destined lovers meet for the first time? After seeing the sketch, Kusum confirms that the same person had attacked him at morning, while playing Holi.

Kushum tells Meera that she was not angry on anybody and criticizes Meera for her activities too. Next day, Mira again attempts to meet him. What will happen next?

He also tries to explain Mira that what she is doing is wrong. She finds her in helpless condition, unable to do anything. Raaikishori – Episode – March 9, – Full Episode. That very raikishori Kushum walks and in and shocks Meera and her friend Arko.

All rituals will be performed in front of Kusum. Ira tells Shobha that she should not talk about their bad times as it is gone forever. Mira, however, say it is impossible and raaikkshori him along with her, leaving Kusum alone.