Raaikishori – Episode – March 21, – Full Episode. Raai tells Meera that she has come to know about everything and she was wrong about her. After a while, Meera visits Kushum and asks her that why she took Brinda’s blame on her. Mira explains him everything. To see, what happens next stay tuned to Zee Bangla. Will Kusum be able to get Kishore released?

She directly accuses Mira for whatever happened. Both of them start an argument. Raaikishori – Episode – February 27, – Full Episode. Raaikishori – Episode – December 8, Ep 8 Dec Raai tells Meera that she has come to know about everything and she was wrong about her. Shaheb recalls all the time spent and searches for Raai in order to tell her everything, but nobody finds her.

Finally, Kusum finds out Kishore. On the other hand, Kishore has managed to free himself. On the other hand, Mira and Hemlata are very epislde on success of their plan. She stops her and calls everyone out. Raai tells Kishore that she is astounded by the things unfolding in their house.

Kusum runs after him but he does not listen to her. What will happen when the destined lovers meet for the first time? Raaikishori – Episode – March 27, – Full Episods. In spite of Kusum’s request, Kishore also rushes to the spot. What will happen now?

He tells them they have to go to the police station to identify the kidnappers.

Seeing her great sacrifice, all the rsaikishori members forgive her. Will Brinda recover from her obsession? For more details keep watching Zee Bangla. He tells Kishore that this is not the way to the police station.


Later on, Arka asks Mira that why has done all this and what is her intention. He tells the truth to her how Mira blackmails him and compelled him to marry her. Ira asks Kishore to relax and tells him to rest.

Raai tells Meera that she has come to know about everything and she was wrong about her. In this episode, Mira tries to flee from the house when everybody is asleep. Seeing everyone, she pretends to be a good woman.


Raaikishori – Episode – November 24, Ep 24 Nov Aasma urges Shayon not to feel guilty and tells him that she is grateful to him. Mira instructs Robert to kill Kusum. But her plans failed when Arko arrives there along with the police. Meanwhile Brinda stays adamant on her decision and tells herself that her actions were justified.

Raaikishori – Episode – March 19, – Full Episode. She finds her in helpless condition, unable to do anything.

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Kusum is the naughtiest girl of a village near Krishna nagar. Raaikishori – Episode – November 20, Ep 20 Nov One of the hired persons, named Gopal, kidnaps Mira’s son and runs away from there. On the other rqaikishori, Sudhansu comes to know about Hemlata Burman’s reality.

Raaikishori – Episode – March 7, – Full Episode. Watch latest Raikishori episodes on http: Raai tells Arko that he supported Meera and noticed all her acts silently.


But Mira asks Kusum not to raaikishofi her without any evidence. Later, Meera thinks that it was impossible for Kishore to sneak past Robot’s way. Raaikishori – Episode – March 11, – Full Episode. That very moment Kushum walks and in and shocks Meera and her friend Arko.

The story revolves around Kishore and Kusum who love each other but are bound by raaikishoti social status and responsibilities.

Mira has done all the arrangements for her marriage with Kishore. Will Kusum shoot herself? Kushum tells Meera that she was not angry on anybody and criticizes Meera for her activities too. Raaikishori – Episode – February 28, – Full Episode. Raaikishori – Episode – March 5, – Full Episode. To know more stay tuned to Zee Bangla. Raaikishori – Episode – November 19, Ep 19 Nov She orders Robert kill Kusum.

She brings them to her house and comes to know about the whole incident. Will their love get recognition? Suddenly, Mira snatches the revolver and takes Kusum on gun point.