She just saved his life and “died” in the process and then was missing. I am interested in the villagers’ request of the Magistrate. So I see this time-limit thing as a way to both motivate Arang and get sure the plan doesn’t backfire on them. Jealousy although of course he wouldn’t admit it to himself ; and 2. And that Jade Emperor himself was roaming the earth at that time. Mu-young asks again if the hairpin is his, and who gave him the fan. She hears his name, and clutches her heart. That is the same subber subbing Faith.

It would be totally hillarious that the eunoh’s master is Hades or Jade Emperor but appearing in Hades’s form. Mia September 20, at 9: Makes for a much simpler process. Joo Wal against Evil Mom. But I don’t fault her for it. But seriously, I don’t know why Arang subbing team is sloooooowing down the past few episodes. I love my Easter Eggs.

At first, Eun-oh rejects her request.

Mu-young just keeps asking questions: Rin September 22, at 7: I feel like the Lord Choi connection means that Mom retains her human memories even in demon form. I loved that scene,” Oh I’m just sharing my breath. Jealousy although of course he wouldn’t admit it to himself ; and 2.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

I guess what bothers me is that she isn’t very self-questioning. Aw man, you went and got yourself kidnapped? An idea strikes, and he rides off in a hurry. But like he bangs said, they are talking at cross purposes, not saying what they really mean but showing everything on their faces. He leaves in foul spirits, muttering that he wishes he could just off her.


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Who was he and why did he think it necessary to ensure Eun-oh is looked after? I’m also beginning to sinnopsis like you guys; Creepy Mom probably possess bodies and would need to know their wish to possess them, so she may have possessed Eun-oh’s mom knowing Eun-oh’s mom wanted revenge for her family.

So I am guessing that the theory that she used Eun-oh’s mom body as a host kinda stands. There is a line Carole, since Chuno lol. Jealousy at the kiss? I can’t seem to let this go Sobia September aran, at 8: During the Joseon era in the city of MiryangArang was the pure, beautiful, goodhearted daughter of a magistrate.

If that’s the case, what happens to the person when Creepy Mom switches of body? So out of his element and so so transparent. Evil Mum, with her magic and magical swords, reminds me of a better looking Rita Repulsa. Kiara September 7, at 5: Loved the fight scene he got in this ep.

I can understand why Arang found not one ghost — Mom is so scary even ghosts refuse to live there, like the abandoned shack.


Is he allowed to just walk among the people like that? I’m going crazy now that is taking so long wheee.

Redge September 7, at 4: He puts his hand out and walks around the room, feeling the supernatural energy. But then it occurs to Eun-oh that he should be asking questions too, like whether Mu-young recognizes that hairpin. The excuses that she is a new-born soul or that she is grasping for life Joo-wal arrives and watches from the distance.

Add to that the fact that she could also possibly be Muyoung’s sister If you remember in ep. I think she has love for him. In fact they ripped her off by giving her 3 full moons when the next full moon was a day away.

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

And she took it out on Eun-Ho. And she won’t get a good answer that she truly understands emotionally on her own and she’ll think it’s silly so she mocks.

She comes out wearing a new hanbok, and hearts practically shoot dramq of his eyes.