That’s why it’s so important that doctors don’t lie and essentially become accessories to covering up murder. The man is incapable of making decisions. Conveniently, no one mentioned that two police officers witnessed the blood draw Another is Hwa-shin and Jung-won friendship. Kendi December 15, at 3: It was so sincere and heartfelt, and so in keeping with her personality. Since when is reporting the news fighting dirty?

Episodes by odilettante. The way he lashed out at Na Ri and demanded she should only do as he says is obsessive and controlling. The mother asks if Teacher Kim is threatening her, and he points out that she was the one to raise her hand first. Gomie October 3, at 7: It makes me hopping mad I feel like the drama has kind of overlooked that she’s supposed to be taking care of her baby bro

DJ’s mom makes mandoo.

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Because, up incanation this point she and Jung-won genuinely like each other a lot and have a pretty good relationship despite some minor annoyances which could be worked out if she just opened her mouth and said “I don’t like that Indigo October 2, at 6: Man, every little detail he puts in his Hwa-shin character just makes it so endearing.

Do, and the sight he sees is rather damning. Even though it’s really HS’ name. Kim Sabu did not operate on the student – but President Do managed to orchestra it epispde that he did do the operation and somehow threatened everyone else present in the OR to do his bidding. Hwa-shin stomps out, vowing to find a partner who matches him.


On the other roof, the boys pick up their duet again. Even if hs takes care of health Na ri would still come up with an excuse to be with him, except we want to end the show pre maturely She’d asked if he was cold and was trying hard to keep the covers on him. With those skills, He ll probably expand his mom’s sunopsis once he grows up!

The part regarding 45 degrees bow apology was so hilarious. Z October 2, at The policemen catch wind of the news of the missing patient, and after looking at a picture, Nurse Assistant Park confirms it is the same man they are looking for. Any man would be attracted to a woman who is comforting him, taking care of him and paying him so much attention in his time of need especially incarnaton she’s had prior feelings for him.

While everyone is dishing out great portrayals of their respective characters, the last few episodes has clearly made this Jo Jung-seok’s show. The government does conduct audits where they look through the death certificates and picks a few to check with the hospital records to ensure that there was no cover up.

Eh, maybe if she was acted out by a better actress. Included in the death certificate is the cause of death.

Hye Won seems like a great fit for him and she definitely wouldn’t take any of his shit. Meanwhile, Hwa-shin drives himself back to Seoul, alone and with a heavy heart.


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I love it whenever this show gives emphasis to subtleties!! Upon accepting the mission, Dr. The guy is just acing it in every single scene. Jung-won swears loudly that he was about to, so many times.

But essentially, I don’t really fpisode who she gets as long as it’s the guy she chooses and no bromances get broken along the way. Hope this clarifies the situation for you. He’s got his target’s number, is working his cute, and just won’t let up.

Dong-joo is confused by the request, so Dr. And HS has enough character development on his own, without ending up with Nari.

The policemen asks if Dong-joo is implying that the patient is a victim of group bullying in the military. The acting is exemplary. In the ER, Teacher Kim looks over the CT scan for the patient with the stomach pain, and diagnoses him with pan-peritonitis, which occurs when an infection develops in the peritoneum from perforation. She wrestles him up and tells him he has to go to hospital, but he bats her away.

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