Archived from the original on July 26, Retrieved May 9, Subsequently, Clark brings Lois onto the team and finally reveals the threat of Darkseid’s arrival to everyone. TV By The Numbers. Retrieved July 22, According to Peterson, there is the vision that series creators Miles Millar and Alfred Gough developed and shared with the team over the years. Smallville seasons American television seasons American television seasons. This page was last edited on 24 February , at

Subsequently, Clark brings Lois onto the team and finally reveals the threat of Darkseid’s arrival to everyone. Retrieved October 12, Inspired, Booster recounts Clark’s words to Jaime and helps him gain control over the suit. Callum Blue as Zod ” Crushable”. However, The CW combined those two episodes into a single broadcast, and then packaged it in the season nine DVD as one episode as well. Retrieved January 21, Carter Hall arrives and rescues Lois, but sacrifices his own life in the process. For the actress, watching as her character matured over the years—from sacrificing the things she wanted for the sake of her friends, to finally reaching a point where she can strive to satisfy her own needs and wants—has been important for her.

Retrieved March 24, Afterward, Chloe announces that she is leaving, but Oliver reveals to Chloe they were the ones married, and they leave together. NYDateline Adjusted Down”.

Archived from the original on July 26, Later, Clark explains to Lois that his real identity is “The Blur”, and that the persona of “Clark Kent” will be his true mask to the world. Lois returns from Africa and learns that Godfrey is planning to reveal Green Arrow’s identity, and create doubt all over the world about the super-heroes so that he can manipulate them down a new path.

Using his heat vision on Isis’ amulet, Clark successfully releases Lois from possession. Souders emphasized that because Kara’s return is in a heroic capacity, also revealing her ability to fly to the world, Kara works on developing an alter-ego through the use of eyeglasses and a wig. Possessing Lionel, Darkseid confronts Clark, who finally realizes that Jor-El was preparing him for this his entire life.


Archived from the original on May 9, Chloe reveals that she blackmailed Flag’s Suicide Squad into joining forces with her as a means of keeping them from harming innocent lives. Afterward, Clark and Oliver invite Tess to be part of their team and take over Watchtower. Retrieved July 22, The producers revealed that Darkseid will fulfill this role for the final season, but will be a different incarnation than his comic book counterpart.

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Clark saves Chloe before Desaad can turn Seasson into a Darkseid follower, but a confrontation between Oliver and Desaad leaves the former with an Omega tattoo on his skull. No Changes With 18—49 Ratings for Originals”. Allison Mack bids farewell but there’s a catch Ausiello EW. Darkseid arrives and Lionel trades his soul for Lex’s life.

After the team rescues Oliver, Clark discovers that Slade’s actions were influenced by Darkseid. Archived from the original on July 27, Afterward, Clark helps Oliver to remove the Omega symbol and remove Darkseid’s control over him. Chloe uses Doctor Fate ‘s helmet to see her future and later swaps herself for Oliver’s return from captivity.

Slade Wilsonin order to protect the rest of the team and find out what the government is planning. At the same time, Blue Beetle is trying to understand the alien technology he has been given. Realizing General Slade is still alive, Clark orders all heroes underground until he can find a way to stop Slade.

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After learning that General Slade escaped the Phantom Zone, Clark enters the Kryptonian prison to learn who has opened the portal. Retrieved October 19, Jor-El gives Lois all of Clark’s powers, leaving him powerless, so that the two can see what it is like to live in each other’s shoes for one day. Retrieved March 31, One clone escapes and forces Clark to choose between saving Lois or Metropolis; Clark pushes himself harder than before and saves everyone.


Meanwhile, Oliver and Kara team up and locate Orion’s bow. Tess wakes up healed in Cadmus Labs and discovers Lex Luthor clones.

Finale, Part 2

An Original Cast Member Returns”. Cuxirca 5 arrives from the 31st Century and takes Clark on a journey smsllville his past, present, and future.

The heroes come together to bury Carter in his home country of Egypt, but are knocked unconscious by an unknown object that sprouts in Carter’s burial chamber. A young teen, Jaime Reyescomes in contact with alien technology that encases him in a weaponized robotic suit, thus becoming Blue Beetle.

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General Lane, Lucy Lane to Return”. Lois receives an implant that allows Toyman to control her, and he sends her to kill the Blur. The Final Season Blu-ray “. Retrieved July 27, Chloe informs Oliver that the government has put everyone in a coma and imprisoned their minds in a virtual reality.

Retrieved July 13, Subsequently, Clark brings Lois onto the team and finally reveals the threat of Darkseid’s arrival to everyone.

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Desaad, Godfrey, and Granny supply Oliver with a wedding ring made of gold kryptonite to give to Clark, as it will remove his powers permanently, but Chloe discovers the ring in time and keeps Clark from wearing it.

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