I am using the WD HD TV media player for viewing foreign movies with English subtitles , that has limited support for displaying subtitles. I am very happy…………thanks a lott for this solution…. If styles are important for you, you will have to create hardcode a DVD compliant video and skip to authoring. The subtitles are out of synch and even after being lined up with the VLC keyboard shortcuts, inevitably creep back to the delayed time. Please help improve it by rewriting it in an encyclopedic style. If you open the file using word pad and you see that each subtitle line started with a sequence number, followed by a start-end time of that line.

Hardcoded subtitles are not flexible. Your file will be transcoded. Do this often as soon as your text fills half the screen width while transcribing. Load the finished video into subtitleeditor. Hw can i do this? The top line should be shorter than the bottom line so as not to interfere with the picture. Then I changed the name as well. I can add the subtitle to the movie, i can convert the movie AVI to watch on dvd player, but is there a way i can choose if i want subtitle, and which subtitle?

Ctrl-Del deletes a subtitle. I download the subtitle but it plays in wrong time. April Learn how and when to remove this template message.

Hard coding

slft Spotting Spotting involves placing and setting the duration of the subtitles. Change the Min IDR Frame Interval to 25, so that a keyframe isn’t created more than once per second, which will be our minimum subtitle length.

Plz give me the link for 2 CD. I used Mencoder, which belongs to the MPlayer package:. Then create a theora video and vorbis audio version of your video, if it isn’t already in that format. Hi, I have read all the comments and tired all the suggestions but still unable to get the sub file working.


A program hard-coded in that manner 15 years ago could face problems if not updated.

VOB formats 5parts n i want to add subtitle to it. There are problems that can arise involving hard coding:. How can watch movie in English subtitles? See the mplayer documentation for details. The best video player for android is MXplayer. What i often do is a open the srt file 2, select the content, copy and close. If your film comes from a DVDyou might be dealing with multiple audio tracks.

Mario, on January 8th, at 5: I have eng subs and korean for a movie and cant get them to both play at the same time. Soft subs all the way for me. Matroska isn’t widely used. Although Mencoder aka Mplayer can play a variety of formats, ASS is only available ciated a trick at the moment.

Subtitling with Linux Tutorial

If you have usable keyframes at cuts then you can easily do this. I have done like ur mini intro shows, but i cant see the subs in my movie, please explain me better. D The video quality is better than the hardsubs videos, and I can use the softsubs videos to my amvs: Download sites will usually give the FPS for the movie.

ISO file movie having default subtitles Language: If lots of keyframes are being produced where there are no scene changes, try lowering the Scene Cut Threshold setting.

Subs being to soon or too late can be adjusted. Hardcoded subtitles are not flexible. You might want to transcribe the texts in blocks as long as the shots, since you will have to fit your subtitles within the cuts later anyways. To be able to use Quicktime you must first download Perian perian.


GUI method We’ll use Avidemux. If you want compatibility, MPEG2 is probably the most widely used of the above. With the “Ins” key you can insert a subtitle. Great subtitles thanks for sharing it. I have 2 sub files but only 1 movie file. subtitlse

If you had created your own profile this wouldn’t have been possible, which I think is a bug. The term “hard-coded” was initially used as an analogy to hardwiring circuits – and was meant to convey the inflexibility which results from its usage within software design and implementation. Thanks for the post, I think VLC is the best player from the list.

Last updated on Hzrd 17, Open the srt file and look at the time for the last subtitle. Same thing when try to play with VLC.

Ron, here is guide: Sovt again, I’ll refer you to the man page for details. Auto-save Auto-saving files isn’t a bad idea in case of a crash. I use GOMplayer on sofh windows computer. Hard coding is often required, but can also be considered an anti-pattern.