Find More Posts by Smokey. I asked them about using the spray on vintage watches or pieces with less water resistance and they said a little bit can be used and then just wiped off. The pad is probably completely useless, but if the cloths are decent quality, its not a bad price. April 29th, 6. Find More Posts by Dr. Great product and a stand up company. The cloths are super soft and great for maintaining cleanliness. Find More Posts by RolexNorth.

Thank you for sharing this experience. The brush is much softer than the softest toothbrush I’ve ever touched. You could use a mouse pad for this but the Veraet pad is softer. They have great sales from time to time if you sign up for their product online. Liked it so much I got another bottle when they had the sale few weeks back. Find More Posts by jimcameron. On the run Watch:

That worked well too, again with no residue left on the watch. Find More Posts by RolexNorth. Almost as if the Wrist Clean has some hydrophobic properties in the solution.

In the interim, is using liquid hand soap on a watch ok? Their cloths are fantastic. I bought the premium kit, but haven’t used any of the kit’s cloths Last edited by GatorJ; April 29th, at I haven’t tried their leather and rubber verast yet.

Would definitely recommend to anyone. Is it available in 55 gal.

– Singapore Rolex Club

Personally though I’d just pick up a Selvyt cloth or three. Following the instructions on the package, I sprayed a good coating all over the watch, and then put the watch on a paper towel for a minute to let the solution soak in. Originally Posted by cop Love the stuff! Shipped immediately, frequent email updates. Almost to the point that my fingers were sticking to the surface of the watch. Arrived today and have used it on exactly one watch. My watch wasn’t particularly dirty, but this cleaned it up nicely and left it sparkling.


May 24th, 7. The cloths are super soft and great for maintaining cleanliness. I use their products and they have great CS. Will definitely try it out when I’m able to purchase it. Was it better than the Dawn Original I used before? Find More Posts by Smokey.

Apr Real Name: After a minute, I sprayed a bit more on, and then with my fingers, I rubbed the solution all over the watch. Originally Posted by SC Mar Real Name: Results 1 to 7 of 7.

I also use the pad on my dresser when I put a watch down. I know as well as the Dawn liquid soap works, it still leaves a bit of soap film behind. I then watcb a hair dryer on low to dry the watch and a micro fibre to remove any remaining beads.

Find More Posts by Headshrinker. Great product and a stand up company. I then rinsed the watch thoroughly under a running faucet of warm water.

Originally Posted by wwtch Wrist Clean Watch Spray – by Veraet. Find More Posts by jimcameron. I’ve used different cloths from them on brushed, polished and blasted finished as well as all types of crystals with and without AR coating and not a scratch yet. I use a bores hair brush to help clean the deep areas and have had no issues with the spray, cleans well all the gunk and dust the collects over time in the clasp and what not as well as rinse away clean.


April 28th, 5. Originally Posted by Roger Lococco Great tip. I have no affiliation, just a satisfied customer.


Now, I’ve never let my watches get very dirty. They have great sales from time to time if you sign up for their product online. Jan Real Name: Now that I’ve used it, I don’t feel silly anymore Find More Posts by Dr. I have emailed them questions before and they have always verset fast. On the run Watch: Find More Posts by SC Lastly, after turning the watxh off, I noticed that the water on the watch would bead and drip off quickly.

Felt a bit silly for ordering it, but my friends already think I have “problems” when it comes to watches, so WTH. I’ve used it verraet sweaty dive watches and bracelets and it worked well. Tags for this Thread clean leather strapclean rubber strapveraetwatch cleanerwatch spray.