If you haven’t, it takes 3 seconds to learn. ElendilTheTall yes, thats what is happening here. If that does not work it may be a errant takeup spool. First option You are simply at the end of the roll. I always do that on my FM, and it hasn’t had that problem since. Here it is un-engaged, ready for the film advance lever to rotate.

Here’s a new one. If none, try looking for one at butkus. I was a little confused by this post because I never had to take the bottom plate off when the film finished winding. Helpful 0 Not Helpful Comment Flag. There is no such thing as a Nikon Vivitar! I won’t even go back to the original position now! Remove the bottom plate and check if this little arm is engaged.

Are you absolutely sure you loaded the film correctly? Sign up using Email and Password. Chani Chani 2 2 6. It only goes half way. The photos I posted were actually of an FE2, but not being a repairman I didn’t realize fiom would be so different inside. I have not been able to get any support from Vivitar and am having to replace the battery holders with some made by another company.

Please enter a valid email address. If the film advance lever is “flopping” back and forth, the problem is most likely a jammed advance mechanism inside. You definitely get what you pay for. Answer Questions Is it a good idea to by dslr canon d with mm lens?


Vivitar v3800n problem?

Perhaps a tech there could suggest a remedy. It can jam the either or both mechanisms inside.

Have you owned this camera for a long time, or just acquired it? With that said, try these options: What is the solution. I put in the batteries and followed the instructions to test it out. Level 2 Expert Answers.

I caution you about opening your camera yourself unless it has no real value to you because the interior of a 35mm SLR camera is pretty complex, even more so that a clock. Then with the back open and tension on the film do not touch the film over the shutter, advance the film.

The battery in that camera is for the lightmeter only.

If the lever just flips back and forth with no tension at all then something inside has broken and your chances of repairing it yourself are almost none. Nikon would be horrified to be associated with Vivitar! When my FE2 did something like yours almost 20 years ago, a guy at a camera store opened it up, moved the arm away, and cocked the shutter.

What can I do to get my camera working again? All the controls do their job and that’s it. Why is the flash on my camera equivalent to a gamma ray burst? I’d take it to a camera shop that has a dark room or changing bag.

Posted on Sep 17, When I do that I can actually feel a click when I push the shutter release button, but the shutter blind never moves, although the mirror goes back up. They are no longer produced, and this is a knock-off that even has the same lens mount to use the old Pentax lenses. I figured out a comfortable way to hold it while shooting though. If the lever won’t advance even when there is no film in the camera, then I would say there is a problem.


Vivitar VN 35mm SLR Camera with 50mm f/ Lens B&H

Watch how the film advances on the spool. Can someone please explain to me how I can “fully wind on” my camera? There is a no diopter that I know of but I have good eyes so that doesn’t bother me.

Read the instruction manual that came with the camera. If that does not work it may be a errant takeup spool. This camera takes lenses in Pentax K-mount, yours may have either a 50mm f1. The eye piece on mine kept sliding off so I just put some double-sided tape on it and slid it back on. It leber on the camera.