Eddie made it first to the finish, joined by Sabine, and soon after Evans. All three made it to the Namibian border. In order to aid the presenters to do tandem drifts, both cars’ rear tires were swapped with space-saver spare tires and tied using a rope and secured with a pair of used tires. The team admitted that this was an unusual challenge in that they were ultimately “ambitious and successful” – contrary to the usual challenge results. On the final challenge, Matt initially made good progress as Chris’ Porsche got temporarily stuck, but Chris later caught up as the Lamborghini’s low ground clearance made Matt temporarily stuck before he chained the Lamborghini’s rear tyres. May broadsided him on as he passed, causing the brakes to become jammed on. However, when he showed his co-presenters under the bonnet, May noted it had carburettors, making it the 3. Hammond won most of the challenges, and May’s Urraco was a constant source of problems due to its poor electrics – it arrived in Bristol on the back of a tow truck, and broke down on almost every leg of the trip.

They had to have a sleeping area, a toilet and a cooking area. Notwithstanding various modifications—including wheels, tyres, brakes, the exhaust of an unknown TVR , the rear wing from a Super Aguri F1 car which was later taken off , a wooden front splitter which caught fire —the presenters were unable to beat the Evo’s time. At the cosmodrome the results were announced: There were several punctures and Hammond broke his wishbone on the passenger’s side. He then wrongfooted May by parking just behind the LDV to stop it unloading. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. This led to Clarkson claiming that speed is not everything and May disagreeing, in stark contrast to their usual opinions.

In the studio there were the results of two more unbroadcast challenges: So they offered Clarkson the win if he admitted that, ‘you’re sreetfire clot and you ruined your car’, which he did. May was eventually voted the winner by the studio audience.

Top Gear: Middle East Special 1/2

During the meal challenge, Richard set fire to his cottage. Clarkson’s malfunctioning gauges made calculating his speed difficult, May had to cope with Welch’s initial lack of interest and navigating experience, and Hammond’s Lanchester proved incredibly unreliable, breaking down several times per stage and overheating constantly.


There was also at least one armed guard travelling with the group. Evans on the other hand had enough money left from his purchase to hire a water taxi until Venice’s water speed limit hindered him.

Clarkson narrowly beat Hammond to second place as his far higher restoration cost was marginally outweighed by Hammond’s numerous thousand-point deductions. Challenges included episdoe Western-themed goods with their cars and building a stall to promote them, A mountain rally and modifying their cars to be better able to tackle the dangerous mountain roads. After sleeping in a really poor hotel the boys decided to convert their cars into ‘mobile seasom.

View comments This service is provided by Disqus and is subject to their privacy policy and terms of use. As in previous challenges, a backup car was also present, a Austin Allegro. The team worked through the entire day and night to get the job done. The Merak began to deteriorate at Castle Combe, where it was revealed to have terrible brakes, and the engine began making worrying noises alongside very poor performance.

May had little trouble loading his van, but had an uncooperative immigrant.

Top Gear – British Motorhome Challenge P1 15×04 3- – SAPO Vídeos

The first test was hedge cutting, where the Track-tor’s power overwhelmed the presenters as it frequently did wheelies and killing the scarecrow in the process. Two family cars, a combined 1,bhp. The presenters sreetfire challenged with proving to the show’s producers that in order to be a true “petrol head”, you need to have owned an Alfa Romeo.

To prove the tractor’s performance credentials, Matt aimed for 81 mph in order to beat a previous world speed record set in Finland. After the track day, the presenters then had to prep their cars for a Concours d’Elegance competition. All of them also installed some sort of bed. He also bemoans the fact that it is an American specification vehicle with 5-mph bumpers, raised ride height, and oversized aftermarket wheels, giving it poor handling.


Top Gear: Middle East Special 1/2 – video dailymotion

He was discharged later in the episode and continued the journey. They were then told to go to Mallorca for a rally, with two challenges spread over two days. The team fitted a snowplough to the front of a used Claas Dominator.

They succeeded in removing the roof from a Renault Espace and replaced it with a canvas fold-down top. They were then given a series of challenges, including driving across a field after a raveparking cars at night, and an obstacle course in which each presenter had to drive round the course and hit as many of the obstacles as they could.

May bought a red although “. Clarkson declared the Beetle as the winner, since it had no documented mishaps during the trip, much to the shock of Hammond, with which May answered “he’s right!

May won 8 challenges, and Hammond won 6. The team admitted that this was an unusual challenge in that they were ultimately “ambitious and successful” – contrary to the usual challenge results. Their first challenge was to do a two lap race in the Gunsai Touge while carrying sumo wrestler as a passenger, which Chris won. The trio are told to buy affordable classics and report with them to an old railway station in Buckinghamshire.

Matt tried the highway approach, where he got stuck at a tollbooth, while Chris decided to take the mountain pass and the backroads, where he had to deal with local traffic.

Hammond installed a little qatch, Jeremy a cooling box full of beer, and a toilet on the outside of his car, and James a little workshop complete with tools.

Hammond’s Fiat was voted the best by both Clarkson and May, to Hammond’s obvious surprise.